Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist: Brita K. Boyd, MD

My name is Brita Boyd, I’m with the Maternal-Fetal
Medicine Division here at Duke. And I work at the Fetal Diagnostic Center
doing OB ultrasound. Maternal-fetal medicine doctors
take a special interest in particularly high risk obstetrics. Our goal is always to
help a mother achieve the best possible outcome for
herself and for her baby. We particularly focus on taking care
of women with medical problems. Or in my unit, we also take care of women who have fetuses with medical problems. Working with the family during
their pregnancy is a privilege. I mean, that’s a very special
time in any couple’s life, and so when we see women through
subsequent pregnancies. Or when we see a woman who’s had a problem
herself or her fetus has had a problem. And we help them through that process,
and then follow them afterwards, it’s just really gratifying.

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