Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist: Emily M. Patel, MD

My name is Emily Patel, and I am a maternal-fetal medicine
specialist here at Duke. A maternal-fetal medicine specialist is
a physician who specializes in taking care of high-risk pregnancies, or
pregnancies that are complicated. Duke is a wonderful place for
women to come and get care, because we have multiple specialties
represented here at Duke. So for women that have high-risk
conditions, they’re able to see a variety of different providers, and not just us
taking care of their obstetric needs, but also any other needs that
they might have here at Duke. And they’re all represented here,
which is so fantastic. So they can really get
comprehensive care here. My style is really an approach of
just listening to the patient and hearing their needs and their concerns. Every patient is completely different,
and every patient brings new challenges. And I can actually learn a lot
from my patients as well. So my approach is just listening
to their questions and concerns, and really addressing all of
those as much as possible. For me, my favorite part of my job is my
day-to-day interactions with patients. I, of course, love delivering babies and
seeing healthy pregnancy outcomes, and that’s really what I went into this for. But it’s the day-to-day
interacting with patients and seeing patients that I really enjoy,
and what brings me to work every day. To have a well-rounded life outside of
medicine is something that I’m also very passionate about. And I’m very fortunate to
have a wonderful family. I have a husband and
two young boys that keep me very active. Any chance that we get
to be outdoors we take. And it’s wonderful being here in North
Carolina, where we can go to the beach or go to the mountains, so
we really enjoy that. And my husband and I are huge Duke fans. So any chance we get to go to a Duke
basketball game, or get to Cameron Indoor, we will take that opportunity.

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