Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist: Jeffrey A. Kuller, MD

My name’s Jeffrey Kuller. I am a professor of obstetrics and
gynecology at Duke. I think patients should feel
at home in our offices, that they’ve come to the right place with
Duke, that we’re specially trained for their particular conditions,
that their physicians have sent them for that they should feel trusted in our care. That this is what we do,
and do on a frequent basis. I think the patients that we find the most
satisfying are those where we identify a fetal abnormality prenatally. Be it a heart defect, chest mast,
what we call an abdominal wall defect that generally for
many have good prognosis, prognosis. And guiding them through that process
where their initially shocked by the diagnoses and dismayed and
think the worse and often times over time come to realize that
the prognosis is much more favorable. The advantage that we have at Duke is
that we’re blessed with really experts in almost every field that
one could think of. And so I think when we see the patient I feel like they’re in good hands
from our expertise and our training. And then when we involve other
sub-specialists like pediatric cardiologists or pediatric urologists or pediatric surgeons, I really feel
like they’re in the best of hands. No matter where they go
from after seeing us, they’re gonna really be
with experts in the field.

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