Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist: Jennifer B. Gilner, MD, PhD

[BLANK AUDIO] My name is Jennifer Gilner,
and I am a maternal-fetal medicine specialist,
and I specialize in high risk pregnancy. So the women who seek my care, they
are women who have a medical history or an existing medical condition which may
impact the course of their pregnancy. And then there are women who may not have
any prior history of medical issues who, over the course of their pregnancy,
developed some sort of complication. Many times, particularly in the complicated
scenarios that I frequently care for, patients may come in with a level of
anxiety or concern, and I’m a new person. So I want my patients to understand
that I want to hear their take on what’s going on,
I want to hear their background and how that affects their experience,
and that I want to listen to them. Something that strongly
influences my patient care in my day-to-day life is my
family outside of work. I have a husband, and
I have four daughters. So I’ve been through pregnancy,
and I’ve been through parenting. Maybe not every scenario that
my patients are encountering, but I can draw from those
experiences as a wife and a mother. Then a sister and
a daughter to relate to my patients and what they may be experiencing through
the course of their pregnancy or even in planning their pregnancies.

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