Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist: Sarah C. Ellestad, MD

My name is Sarah Ellestad. I’m in the division of
Maternal-Fetal Medicine. And I do a little bit of everything. My particular niche is prenatal diagnosis. I think the special thing about the
Maternal-Fetal Medicine Division at Duke probably is this group is
a really cohesive group in terms of the fact that we
all get along really well. I think we work well together, we all have
various interests within the division. And the other thing about Duke is that
there are a lot of other subspecialties that we work closely with and that have a lot of interest in pregnancy
that we’re able to collaborate with. What inspired to become
a maternal-fetal medicine specialist? I had a great interest in medical
school of women’s health, and loved my OB-GYN rotation and
residency. I think I was very much enamorate of the maternal futile medicine physicians
at my particular residency program. I had great respect for what they did. They were able to take the difficult
parts of obstetrics and still enable women to have
a positive birth experience. And I thought that was really inspiring.

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