Maxpedition FRP & AUP Prepped for First Aid

My name is Steve Sullivan. I’m an Emergency Medical Technician with Los Angeles County. I’m responsible for a variety of different functions and operations. A couple of kits that One kit that I carry for tactical operations is a what I call a D.O.D. kit or a Do or Die. This is a medical kit for dealing with bleeding and other injuries. Carry it on a thigh pack or on a tactical vest. I’ve got two tourniquets here, and a trauma dressing to put pressure, chest seals in the back, airways, rescue shears, tape, and I’ve got extra gloves in the front pouch. A kit to carry it’s a personal first aid kit. This one enables me to carry the gloves, airways, hemostatic agents, trauma dressings and pads, personal medications and items, shears, forceps, more tape, and a hard box for items that can be crushed, unprotected and so on with the kit. It’s got the accordion kit, it’s got several different pouches so you can compartmentalize things and then so that they’re right there where you need it, and I’m not have to fish through the kit for the contents.

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