Mayo Clinic School of Medicine Arizona Campus Tour

hello I'm dr. Michelle halyard I'm the Susan Hansen pole by scene of mail medical school and I'm the Dean for the Arizona campus welcome today and we'd like to show you our airs on campus of the Mayo Clinic School of Medicine it's an exciting time for us here in Arizona as we expand to a four year of medical school class on the Arizona campus with criminal medical school then that means that we've expanded from just having our medical school campus in Rochester Minnesota but it's been in place since 1972 to having a full four-year campus here in Arizona starting in July of 2017 we're actually in the process of recruiting our first class of students now Salinas design welcome students to Mayo Medical School we are really excited about the opportunities that Mayo Clinic will provide tissue medical students here on the Arizona campus we've existed in Arizona since 1987 and we have over 600 physicians many of whom will be the faculty teaching our medical students of the future we take seriously educating medical students because we want to trade the physicians and physicians of the some of the future who can not only heal patients that heal the healthcare system as such our students will have exciting opportunities they'll be able to be educated in the number one health care institution in Arizona and importantly they'll be part of the number one health care institution nationally as a national medical school not only will they have opportunities to be educated here in Arizona but they'll also have opportunities on our Rochester campus and our Florida campus as well our students will be the recipients of very innovative curriculum so in addition to you building upon curriculum that's been in existence at our Mayo Rochester Medical School we will also incorporate into the curriculum something called the science of health care delivery with the complexities of the healthcare system it's vitally important that the positions of the teacher understand the health care delivery system and so the medical students at Mayo Medical School whether they're air saw based her Rochester base Kristin will receive specialized curriculum where they will get us Tripucka in the science of healthcare delivery documenting that they really have mastery of this information about how multiple accesses that healthcare delivery system play in to health care as well they'll help the ability to get an actual master's degree in the science of healthcare delivery which is delivered through an Arizona State University it's really an exciting time and we hope you will enjoy your tour so now I'd like to show you our classroom which we are very proud of because we think it will be a very good learning environment for our students this is our state-of-the-art classroom it allows maximal flexibility and configuration as you see currently it's arranged a small group setting where up to six students can actually take place and talk about things that they're learning in the classroom and small group discussion the professor or the faculty member often is standing at the front of the room lecturing but they can actually walk around the room to educate our students there is flexibility to change the design of this room so that if you don't need it in a small group discussion it can really the tables can come together and be a larger group setting as well as they can go into the traditional role setting that many classrooms are in or in a u-shape setting you'll see we have two very large monitors where the faculty member who's teaching courses can project curriculum up onto the screens but also at each of those small group stations our students have the ability to see the same thing that's projected up in the front of the room on these monitors which are their own personal monitors for their table in addition there's wireless connectivity between the laptops and the monitor so our students can project what's on their laptops to their table sharing it with their classmates and a small group setting but also they can project up to in front of the classrooms the others may see as well we look forward to having this first group of students here in our classroom in just a few short months in July of 2017 we've taken great care to design this medical skill building to meet all of the comforts of our students although we expect our medical students to study hard and to learn anatomy and biochemistry and genetics and all of those good things we also want to create an environment that meets their needs and so we've created a wonderful student lounge in the lounge you'll see you have a ping-pong table so we hope that that we will have very vigorous competition between our medical students in their free time we have a nice lounge area with comfortable furniture and we have gaming stations two of them as a matter of fact where if our students want to play video games think of this capabilities so a very nice feature for our students as well over here we have a nice long table where our students I can envision eat lunch I have snacks also with another monitor here and we have created a kitchen area for our students where they have the ability to bring in their snacks or their lunches if they don't want to go out and get something or going to our cafeteria we have a sink here we have the ability to akyurek machine we've got water machine and ice and microwave so we tried to actually recreate in our space a nice living space for our students we feel it will build a nice sense of community as well as create a relaxing environment and students as we move through our space we'll take you to see our Student Business Center where our students have the ability to photocopy or up use desktop computers should they need to do that in addition to their laptops so here's our Student Business Center we also have our student lockers as well and we have a small reading room for students who might want to actually study in a quiet space rather than a larger study space we've created really comfortable niches where our students can relax and a really nice comfortable furniture and talk perhaps a conversation about what's going on in life or what they just learned in their classroom so we have taken great efforts to create a comfortable space for our students one of my favorite aspects of the school is the study rooms that we've created we have several of these rooms which really take advantage of the wonderful light bright environment here in Arizona so this is the study room which can hold up to 12 students so if they want to do small group breakouts or study together they can do that you'll notice here that this is a video monitor and so it's wirelessly connected with the laptop so we have very video conferencing capabilities so first students want to videoconference with professors they want a videoconference for tutoring with colleagues elsewhere or if they want to even videoconference with their fellow medical students in Rochester they have the ability to do this so there's going to be a lot of creative flow of ideas I'm sure and so we have a an erasable writing surface here all of these walls our students can write on over the dry-erase and I'm told they can write on the windows too so we'll see I'm sure we might see some of that as well outside you will see a nice ear covered area where at weather appended permitting our students can sit outside relax and we have beautiful views of the mountains of the Sonoran desert vegetation for our students to take advantage of so quite a lovely setting and we have multiple of these rooms here in the school so one of the things that's really important in medical education is for students residents doctors to learn before they actually get to actually take care of an actual patient and so this is our simulation exam suites where we have created six exam rooms that mirror exactly exam rooms that are present in our outpatient facilities here at Mayo so here at Mayo we have a completely electronic system electronic medical record electronic x-rays and other data and so often outside of these their rooms you will find of a computer we are you promote our patient information and so just like in the actual clinical environment our students will be able to look up in information that's been programmed in there for learning experiences we have created exam rooms that look exactly like they do in the outpatient environment here at Mayo an exam couch where a standardized patient may lie on or sit on for the students who learn to examine them we have equipment that our students might use including an otoscope or which is here or they thermometer importantly how you interview a patient and interact with them is so vitally important for students to learn and so you have actually the seat for the students seats and the patient and the computer screen which allows our students to show the patient things about their healthcare including lab values and x-rays etc you will notice that there are multiple cameras in the room from different angles and this is really the hardest simulation it allows the teachers to actually observe the students while they are actually in with a standardized or a mock patient and then give them feedback so as we look out here you'll see an area where the faculty member as well as other students can observe what's going on in the exam room so imagine a student in there with the patient and imagine other small their small group members sitting here a lot of faculty member observing and critiquing that student when that student comes out they can give feedback what with well what might they need to work on they there is video of this that they can playback and see themselves so it really provides a wonderful learning environment and again we have six of these rooms for our 50 students per year who will start in July of 2017 so as we look at moving through the rest of the school I want to draw your attention to some of the artwork that we have and I particularly like this artwork which focuses on our primary value of mail the needs of the patient come first I love this hope by William J Mayo who is one of our founders that says the best interest of the patient is the only interest to be considered in order that the sick may have the benefit of advancing knowledge a union of forces is necessary that's so very true because today in the health care or the team-based approach to health care is where we need to be and where we provide the best care for the patient so you will see the words teamwork on these panels that really speak to the strength of me Clinic working in teams to provide the best care to our patients possible and we look at the past of Mayo Clinic which is centered around teamwork that picture is from 2000 1910 excuse me and we see teamwork today at Mayo we bring a diversity of people together physicians allied health staff members nurses therapists scientists educators to improve the care of the patient that weekend here at Mayo and that's what you'll learn as a male medical student as we will on now and you'll see our state-of-the-art anatomy lab which is being actually completed as we speak the anatomy lab is something that every first-year medical student will actually partake out they'll learn how to dissect a cadaver we have things for 14 cadavers 14 actually anatomy dissection tables in front of monitors where actually we can project what's going on with the cadaver people how each team of students will have this we have saved our operating room lights that allow great visibility and this room by virtue of the fact that the anatomy tables will not be fixed the room can be dipped reconfigured as needed we do have a station at the front of the room for our anatomy professor who can actually point something out on his or her cadaver and actually project it to all of us so we hope you enjoyed our tour we will be still accepting applications from medical students prospective medical students so we hope will apply if you want additional information about Mayo Medical School please go to our biomedical school website and our address is one 3400 each gene boulevard Scottsdale Arizona

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