MBBS Abroad, Review by our graduate. Dr.Siva keerthana

– oh whatever doctor um yeah okay I see another how are you okay she will be the matter with us into the making it up very historical the antigriddle no two kilometers – okay haircut in aperture new clue Ukraine okay hey I call it life in the experience again in eleven I'll call it life experience okay initially it was not so easy but she later everything was fine but record fermilab mean sauropod year plays and poems obviously number course a just a little but the hotel in dowel rod I'm gonna tell you both what alone – no Pineda it occurred feelin kind of a serious sewage it and you know Nietzsche tan okay table 81 occupying a cooperative core appellate court latest studies until of allocating II realize they are studies the environment the guiding over their time yeah it's definitely apt I know nama kuru misunderstanding wonder actually Indians to the Indian particulars government students are getting an airing a private students over the particular students the Miller outer level of education any animal but surely there is no much difference actually very Carlo actually normally only release of this actually cooler on a particular actually any cover the poem animal particle physics or chemistry okay first a repeater own own educational is almost same it depends normal and in a particular a troll Binet whatever que ninguna mala Medical Council of index and saw saying a persona other telepaths Island I'm working whatever competitor other worship at each other both anomalous sixteen a kinda whatever album nomicon examined so it's like a revision again about six months in a monetary dedicated or enamel partaking a poor and a particular capacitor Avenue or Alana okay my way see what I come up with these two line so I don't know who the Internet's a Hydra if you really can embody you cream experience of other family level kinda like oh she waited by angle with family loom I love the like colonizing the environment in any family you know supported either close together okay I'm cool engineer Luda we can either yeah a little basic middle-class family actually can say below middle class family tener so a maybe s particularly it's it's like my passion in their passion area for a entrance exam editing younger brilliant parallel and a party table entrance Kasich coaching whoever showed it to fashion care a government medical college in a theater and Connecticut Tila I'm gonna open a broader in the sister suggested are means a sister a newspaper advertisement kundan intensive doctor I could tell if I was so depressed opportunity Bangalore love Arcana 1402 partnering an arrow here and in the candle ooh so if you're interested in um economy she can learn boy and the mother nature if a llama drop assisted by your caring I never met mother actually overprotective online today I'm gonna have a number part in the state's look anguish it you and River animal boy I give a you phone number you know two people to unwish it you being a finally we felt Martha education is the best to achieve my dreams so we reject now to partake in the rural area feeling relatively taken on them I felt this is my life decision actually yeah very much satisfied that you can see I'm working in dh2 ng okay anyway thank you thank you for your valuable time thank you there are disappearing paper does that how did you think idea right and then say we're playfulness you

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