MBBS by SGUL @ University of Nicosia, Cyprus

hi my name is Peter McCrory I'm the Dean for medical education at the University of Nicosia and emeritus professor of medical education at sin George's in the University of London the University of Nicosia is in partnership with sin George's and delivers its four-year graduate program in science at the end of that program students are awarded the son George's medical degree that the MB BS I decided to apply for the courts in medicine George's at the University of Nicosia because it combines so many factors that I found really appealing to start with the PBL based approaches an excellent way to start your studies with a different case to learn about every week and on top of that I get to study in beautiful sunny Cyprus the program we've designed for you is modern innovative relevant and fun over the four years you learn how to take histories from patients how to examine them how to reach a diagnosis and how to treat and manage their illness and you work with real patients right from the very start of the program the medical school laboratories have been designed to enhance the learning of anatomy physiology histology and clinical skills these advanced resources support small group learning and emphasize clinical and anatomical training by putting theory into practice as a medical school that offers a well-developed and intriguing way of delivering medical education to students with our theory and actually applied on the spot which are going to be one of the best ways to deliver the material I am delighted to be in the University of Nicosia as the foundation professor of obstetrics and Gynecologists the sin George's curriculum is well acclaimed and it is recognized by the General Medical Council and the students who have been with us seem to be doing well when they go to the foundation is I'm currently doing my f1 position at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford's seeing as I graduated from George's University of London at the University of Nicosia I obviously gained a primary medical qualification from the UK this was obviously important in order to secure an s-1 plates looming about international health and health care systems outside the US has always been an interest in me this program has afforded me this opportunity to explore this interest through first-hand clinical experience comprising more than 40 nationalities with the first cohort having graduated in 2015 the program's innovative student-centered and systems based curriculum integrates clinical and scientific aspects from the outset promotes contextual and collaborative learning critical thinking and reflection skills are essential for a career in medicine one of my favorite things about this school are the volunteering opportunities through the mobile planning Club I've been involved in expeditions to rural villages to perform health screening tests and raise health awareness within these communities the lighthouse medical student is out rewarding as it is challenging weekly schedules and lectures can be rigorous but that is more than made up for when resolution of cases leader becomes effortless but aside from the high quality of education lives in Cyprus is actually quite pleasant and picturesque the country and the people are warm and welcoming and being a student here has been a truly maturing and refining experience

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