MBBS Fees in Russia

hi it is our pleasure to welcome you to Novosibirsk a city in the heart of Siberia do you know something about us yes here in Novosibirsk we've got bears in quantity of three white polar bears living in the zoo they do feel fine besides we can boast the longest metro bridge in the world and the biggest opera and Ballet Theatre in Russia Novosibirsk has a reputation of one of the most rapidly growing cities in the world an estimate of the total number of people here is about 1.5 million nama CBS is considered the third most important city in Russia after Moscow and some Petersburg of course we do science here Novosibirsk a khadeem Cradock a unique location harmonizing science people and nature it is home to dozens of research institutes which make the siberian branch of the russian academy of sciences about 80% of their staff graduated from Nova CBS State University NSU has been ranked the third top university in Russia according to Q s World University Rankings 2014 three most important things to know about Norma CBF's State University relation to real world science optimal conditions for accommodation communication academic and research work a unique atmosphere our faculty members include experienced scholars actively participating in research activities it is the basic principle laid down by the founding father about KDM Gras doc Mihai n labyrinth Eve the synthesis of teaching and research at NSU is fundamental due to our relationships our 38 research institutes recently our university has opened 20 joint laboratories in collaboration with Novosibirsk scientific center they are designed to train students in the fields of physics chemistry biology geology medicine mathematics and information technologies address modern challenges and give students first-hand experience cooperation with Arcadian products techno Park provides hundreds of young researchers with an opportunity to create a science-based company and turn their innovative ideas into working solutions advanced equipment of NSU laboratories help students to receive the most relevant and up-to-date training or without leaving the grounds acha DM guru Lak is a very comfortable and convenient place for residents and a distance from the center of Novosibirsk it is a cozy refuge from busy urban life here any Research Institute is at a walking distance from the University and it won't take more than a 15 minute walk it enjoys all the infrastructure – including department stores 24/7 supermarkets healthy shops and teens and restaurants fitness centers health clinics and hospitals the NSU campus is located in Parkland of Acadian Cradock walking around you can easily find new friends nearly all undergraduates live on campus our graduate and postgraduate students enjoy new comfortable halls of residence with single rooms international students and foreign faculty are paid special attention to it takes only 1.5 minutes to walk from the hall of residence to the University we timed it the campus is bustling with activity the Sports Center houses modern training equipment an outdoor running area swimming pool are much more with about 30 teams practicing people mostly come to our KPM Gras dock to dip into the magic a pass fear of this place many campus events are not only academic but entertaining and open to the public relation to real world science optimal conditions for accommodation communication academic and research work a unique atmosphere three things that shape your reality three things we are proud of join us


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