MBBS Fees Rs 5.5 Lacks In Kerala Private Medical Colleges "FIXED"


  1. Fake h India m MBBS krne k liye 80 lakh hona chahiye
    Foreign se 20 lakh m complete
    Isse accha bahar se kerlo

  2. iam a 3rd yr mbbs student in ukraine @uzhhorod national medical universityi heard that acc.to medical council of india there is one common exam for students who study in india & abroad as Exit exaam from this december onwards
    so anyone need admission who are neet qualified can take direct admission with affordable fees @my university .iam saying this because i also drop one year and i got kerala rank 2190 general i didnt get any admisiion even in self financing college fees structure was like 7-9 lakhs … so i choose ukarine and iam happy there and so iam suggesting fees is 2.5 lakhs
    thank you

  3. sir my neet score is 397 can I get any seat in any govt or Pvt college all over India I am from OBC category

  4. This is the fee per year in private self financing colleges of kerala.You need good neet rank to get admission in govt quota

  5. wht abt da donation?? R u telling abt the fees for those who got selected through state merit ???
    If yes what is the fees in instional quota. Does these colleges offer direct admission ?

  6. Medical colleges are non pfofit organisations. yet they charge exorbitant fees whereas their counterparts in western countries charge very less fee like in ukrain only 2-3 lac per year.

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