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hi welcome back to my channel this video is all about MBBS and medical studies in China if you are new to this video consider subscribing and press simple icon for more update if you are interested to find out the list of the Chinese universities which offer a medias program in China then we have given the link in the description of this video when you click this link you will find our website and here you have to select the medical category and if you select medical category you will find a number of universities these all universities offer the medical program our Envy's program the procedure to apply for a möbius program in China is pretty simple what you have to do is find out a university and see its requirement every University in China meet the hard copy of your documents but free universities also need online form so what you need to do is fill the online form and get all the other documents with the application form and send it to the university if you are confused why you should come to China for your medical studies I think it's a good option for you because almost many universities of China are among the top ring universities worldwide so this can be a better option for you let's talk about the living cost and fee structure for Olivia students in China according to my survey the living cost per month is around 300 to 1,000 years dollars and the fee structure is around eight to ten thousand US dollars per year and I'ma – – and various students in one of the Chinese universities and we discuss about the Express with your expenditure per month and the fee structure how much paper they pay for the per year so let's see what they see I was unit hi I am Kinsey Lavie I am from Mumbai India are a student here oh yes I am what do you steady fear I am in my MBBS second new you are second-year students so how you applied here back in India it's very difficult getting admissions for MBBS so I was just surfing online and I got that some countries offer the same course as in India so I thought that China is a good option for me to come and you know study so are you on scholarship no not really okay how does how much it goes to my theory China maybe it depends upon yourself definitely it is a bit costlier than India maybe two thousand RMB per month that that can be an estimate – how the army per month is enough to wait here so what is your face structure like how much it cost per year per semester it can be maybe four point five lakh rupees which comes around maybe of 40,000 RMB so do you get any scholarship if you get good marks in your studies yes yes we do we do get scholarships and I am one of them fortunately I have received a scholarship for my excellent performance in my academics that's great so can you tell us like how you apply it like is it long process or is it difficult to apply for MBBS in China definitely MBBS is one of the most major and difficult process it is difficult but all you need is just determination that is all will lead you wherever you want to go thank you so much all right what's your name myself ah Jesse doesn't where you come from I'm familiar steady here I'm here for studying Nvidia's that's great so can you tell me how much it costs to study MBBS in China in my university it actually cost about eight to ten thousand US dollars per annum eight to ten thousand US dollars per annum so is it in English medium or is it in Chinese my syllabus is in English medium but it depends on your preference would you prefer you can also put Chinese video it depends on you like you study in Chinese medium or in English medium right okay so how is your life in China to be life in China is right now very hard to live here we are working on our Chinese language this is your first year here it's my last year yeah how do you feel about China and India the difference between India and China the defense seems to be good here so you feel good here okay what is your monthly expenditure here monthly expenditure depends on your personal visits can be like nine to ten thousand in ninety nine thousand died in us nine to ten thousand your country Indian rupees like to tell you something three thousand RMB is enough to live here more than enough located which university you are studying yeah I mean John seriously do you like your university you are here to play badminton yeah this is just a university-level this is your university team to play nice to meet you I hope this video was useful for you if you have more questions you can write in the comment section and we will get back to you very soon I wish you all the best bye bye


  1. पूरी वीडियो में केवल आप को ही देखता रहा😇

  2. I think china is not good for Indian students .. Chinese people treating us like a nimals so dont go china ever …

  3. I m also medical student of OSH STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY ..
    I m studying in 5th year…this is good university for Indian students and in present time approx 3000 students are studying here..

  4. can you tell me which university's mbbs program will be best regarding quality of education. How about Jilin University (not Jilin Medical University ir College).

  5. Hello mam Gd mrng
    I am Nehal from bihar india. I want to know about Qiqihar medical university china .is it good for me or not.
    According to ur experience which chinies university is too good. Also associated to WHO, MCI.
    How many years taken to complete the mbbs cource.
    I am also interested. I m ready to go for mbbs in current year 2019.
    Send me ur email plzzzz

  6. Hello!I'm from Pakistan and I want to apply for mbbs in China for march session.please give me some guidance and also inform me about scholarships

  7. Thanks for all awesome videos and all the guidance provided their in. I am from Mechanical engineering major and i want to do my master's from China. When should i start applying for universities via scholarships.
    Best wishes & regards

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