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Tbilisi the capital of Georgia not just known for its beauty but also for its culture and heritage the city's call to the mighty Colossus mountains and the other ranges of them the weather is always hospitable and beautiful the city has some marvelous churches and cathedrals the major population is Christianity and the government and its officials are very friendly and cooperated the people here are very hospitable and very friendly setting here gives student an exposure to a whole new level of Education European culture and standard of living geometer university is one of the oldest private universities in tbilisi it was founded in 1998 by dr. marina fresca larvae which provides the medicine program in both English and Georgian giving the dickery medical doctor MD the main mission of the university geo marry is a full-scale performance of educational scientific research works and training the of highly qualified competitive hi I'm Alicia Prabhu a studying in geometry University of Medicine and the experience being through this five months it's been extraordinary and geometer university is really amazing and the teachers here are really good and they're approachable and they are not only approachable in the university even half the university when we all call them and ask any of those regarding it they are always helpful and then we get individual attention and then this is a chemistry lab and we are doing the research on this and then now it's really nice and you know we have a friendly and we're element here and then now we don't feel like we are out of the place it is actually very nice and then the Y chemistry is important it is the mother subject of pharmacology basically we have first chemistry and then biochemistry and then pharmacology for being a good doctor chemistry is the it's a basic subject we have to know and then teachers are really good and then yeah all I have to tell is it's a very good University and if you ask me then I can recommend that you can come and study here and I'm really glad I am studying here and all I can tell is it's a best university and professional medical personnel for tests very purpose our university will engage the talented young professionals with revelant professional skills my name is Solomon cava and leading the course of medical biology and parapsychology at Gilman University the University provides us with comfortable environment and all the necessary equipments to accomplish the course efficiently students are interested in what we did we try to do our best and not to leave any question and clear the authorities of the university are helping us and I am really very happy to be part of such a strong group of skilled professionals at Gilman University by providing them with high quality textbooks special and supplementary and scientific literature modern information technology and all of the recruitments best in its class I am Meenakshi Wadhwa ani I'm studying here in Germany Medical University I want to say that if we have him back at her marvelous acuity they just help you individually in learning lots of who works with you it is very complicated for in a junior student to understand especially about Anatomy we have terms of material just like we are and grays and Tartarus but the teacher will prefer you a key books they don't tell us to read the complete story they just give you a conclusion which is simple to understand and very easy so I just want to say that we have lots of suspense like I'm going to show you the one this this is artificial skull we have the original one too so we have the we have all the specimen which is necessary to go for a good doctor so I just want to suggest you one thing just come here you will be you really like be proud to be there just like me hi my name is nacho Jakarta and hear a lecture of normal Anatomy our course is divided into three semester and we basically teach your gross anatomy I'm very happy to be part of the system which is called German university Germany we concentrate on a student and try to make the study environment friendly for them and we have this placement which make them which make easy study for them you can see here we have bones here we have different organs and all of them are concentrated all of them we have to make studies easy for the students the university has died ups with the best chains of hospitals in the city to provide the students the foundation of being a doctor and providing them the training with the best doctors in the city it's really inspiring to meet such our experienced doctors we are today we have met a famous and prominent neurologist here he shared his experiences of doing the surgery and to listen to his stories were really amazing we have all we interacted with a lot of patients and we got to know how we are we had an experience of the clinical sessions over here it was a really amazing experience interacting the patient's over here I'm really happy to be a part of this ministry the university has been recognized by w dorms and has been approved by wh Oh first of all when I came to the Georgia I was also having a fear that how will beat the country how is the place how will be the people over here but when I come when I came here frankly speaking I enjoy I'm enjoying this country as it is having awesome weather fantastic place it is always green clean country we are not having any corruption no terrorism nothing is there over here and we can always fulfill our basic needs whatever we require for our daily routines everything is available over here all the brands everything's are available in this hello I am sorry mother I'm from India physical toothbrush learning media marry second semester of the year well I am actually very proud and happy to be over here as Georgia syphilis cranium is a very beautiful city and by my despair the government is closer and we have many privileges away via University and study medieval is a provider and he procedures foolish regal and lectures they are so good we love it over there also and we came here we had fears about the accommodation and everything with the untreated so curve of the Georgians are very helpful and they are so kind I think it's not a speed band but you know I love it over here the best part loving the city is just a condition of Tbilisi also known as for the city of love when students come over here all of them feels that devil is he loves them


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