MBBS in Georgia – Student Review – European University, Tbilisi, Georgia – #2

my name is Havana Boqueria I'm from India New Delhi I'm in Georgia to study MBBS so in European University yeah could you tell us your University exams here yes my university is MCI approved like the university is very good the faculty and all the teachers and all are very helping and the study material and the whole thing everything is good in this university okay I I came here from the consultancy named aquila of a overseas they are very cooperative there they have supported supported me or not in pursuing my dream to Georgia doing MBBS yeah I'm living in a hostel my connotation is really really good in living with three three people in his room the hostel fees to $2,500 for a year and I really get the nice food Indian food is available in the hostel yeah there's not a problem at all teachers they all speak in English the whole study goes in English there is no any such thing that you're not able to understand what they are saying about what they are explaining there is no such problem even the people people a little bit they know English you can't communicate with them okay can you tell us what is crickety of yourselves like tests exams like how it is first of all there are like midterms and then there are final terms for the midterms we need to have at least 25 credits with with us then only you can sit on the final terms a final exam on a final exam we have to score in in subjects 51 a marks to clear the semester in one year there are two semesters so we have to clear the both the semester so how many Indians in your university or in your batch in our university this year I was the most Indian students I see there the one thousand around Indian students are studying in my university in my back in each batch there are 22 students so why did you choose Giorgio Colli libya's okay so I choose Georgia for them dubious because as I searched about at the country storages the most safest country and it has a nice weather and it does not relate you to any other country which have a terrorist to show or something it's the safest country for girls and now that's why I choose Georgia okay so what is your future first I want to ask you this after completing MBBS from Georgia I'll go back to India clear my mci and do their mind self yeah will you do post graduation yeah I'll do post graduation – what is your future suggestion for our new students I suggest you to come here and complete your dream to become a doctor it's really a nice a country and a nice university to study


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