MBBS in India VS MBBS Abroad | Study MBBS Abroad | Q&A #8


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  2. And for those students who didnt get seat in india, dont loose your heart, you can study ayurveda, now it is getting scope for that, or there are many other best course to study, MBBS he karna hai to, try to attempt for second time for NEET, fir bhi MBBS he karna hai to then you can make up your mind for abroad and take his suggessions optimistically aur bolo jai mata di! 😆

  3. By reading your replies to the help seeking people..i think you're an agent, not a student…to one persom you said that education and subjects are same but in your video you talk diffrent….gocchubitch lol!. Ill takey words back, cheers for your buisness.😂

  4. I dont agree with you…see we study basics for a 2.5 years and i feel its enough, other countries population is less and hence they get many doctors for 1000 people…but in india it is 2 doctors for 1000 people which is very less…therefore MCI decided to give some basic knowledge of cliniclas so that doctors can solve some common diseases of indians….you didnt get seat in india?..😐 thats so sad. Well all the best, you study for 6 years. Lol!

  5. Dude u r talking about basics.. If in abroad they teach u basic then why almost 90% of em not able to clear mci screening test which asks u to only basic questions?

  6. sir i want to go abroad f0r studying mbbs in ukrain this year and if i wants to make my carrire in abroad after comleting my mbbs then it can be good or not plz give suggestion

  7. hello sir me is turzovic can u tell me about those mbbs offering universities which give best teaching in cheap costing
    i have completed higher secondary
    i want to go in europe
    if u dnt suggest europe suggest me your recomended university.pls keep in consideration that those universities should be public and its rank should be in top 1000

  8. don't give wrong information bro…. in india we thoroughly study all those subjects like anatomy, physiology, biochem etc which u mentioned

    next u sed Indian student can't go abroad for research thats not true…. u can easifind mbbs student in research lists of institutions ranging from Hopkins research institute to WHO, Geneva….
    boath your point are wrong…. if u dont know about the mbbs program in India then please don't compare it on guessed bases
    take some time to get to know the things right n then make video

    i don't say that forign mbbs is something of low grade or so
    "inspiring" as ur channel says is good but giving wrong information is misguiding

  9. Bndhe ko indian mbbs ke bare me sahi jankari ni h yr video bnane se phle kisi bhi indian medico se puch leta bhai pta ni ho to km se km glt jankari sahi bndhe tk mt pahucawo ,point wali bt…. Jo tu basic jo bol ra na ,ant,phsio,bioc,micro ,patho,fharma …yhh india me medico ko ke liye din ar rat ni hoti h 24 hrs hote h ..yhh basic ka bhi basic and hr topic pr phd hoti h test ,pct ,essnl,gd,tt,prcti,cls viva ,fhr tb ja kr clinical prectis hoti h
    Bhai tum 5 % bhi kabil nahi ho yh ki mbbs exm nikl ne me ,news ya Google pe dekh lena ykin nahi hota ho to ,5% bhi ni kabik ho tum ar bt krte bdi bdi…

  10. Which Universitiy is better for indians for doing mbbs in usa.
    And what is it criteria and Admission procedure.

  11. Bro I want to do MBBS from Ukraine without neet but I was completed my 12th in 2016to 17 session so can you help me

  12. how do u knw basic in mbbs in india is low…??every mbbs student have the clean basic knowledge befre getting degree in india…actully u need to do lots of study to pass evry professional exam…so u cant say ..basic is low….it is not like engineering where exmination is nt monitored properly……and another thing is, in mbbs practical things are more important than reading basic..if u miss practical or clinical classes ..u just cant relate d diagnosis with your reading knowledge..n u knw living body is quite unprdictable n more complex…so just knowing bookies bssic is nt enough to diagnose …so being a complete mbbs …u have to b combined with basic n clinical basis

  13. Hey..can u tell us if the admission to any medical college in Ukraine can be done without any agent….if so, what is the admission process? …can we do it all by ourselves?

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