MBRU's 1st International Medical Education Conference in Dubai (#MedEdDXB)

[Applause] it's very helpful for us as medical educators to know what's the the new and medical education to help us improve our skills and teaching and helping our students be better so I think it's really great it's a great opportunity to be here in the UAE and to have all these international speakers tell us about what's the new trend in medicine medical education it's really helpful innovation is at the heart of this University and I can see the fantastic development and I feel very proud on one hand very jealous on another because I get the feeling of the passion behind innovation in medical education [Applause] I think this conference is really a great one because one of its kind that it brings all the stakeholders all the relevant parties to the same table and when we talk about improving the healthcare services across the region and specifically in UAE it is important for all of us to know that the medicine is a team effort and it's a team work creating a platform for all of us to have an open dialogue and try to share ideas share thoughts so that we collectively make a difference in the scope of medical education in health services it's been an excellent collection of specialists renowned personalities who have spoken with passion about the change that has to be brought about in medical education and that's a good way to think for us all teachers and medical education and pick up those things which are required at the present moment [Applause] [Applause]

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