MCC- Emergency Medical Services

Well, Emergency Medical Technician or EMT
is the primary one that we do and we do that every semester, fall and spring semesters,
and what that does is get students ready to take their written national registry exams
and then get state certified so that they can become an EMT and they go to work. We do CPR and first aid training as well and
so for the average citizen, we have the Heartsaver first aid and CPR classes. For the professionals and medical professionals
we do the BLS for Healthcare Providers, (Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers), and
then for other Emergency Medicine folks, we do continuing education classes like trauma
classes. There are people out there that do it as a
career where that’s what they do everyday. There’s also a lot of people out in the rural
areas particularly that it’s a vocation, they do it to help their communities. We’ve also had a number of students that have
gone on to other healthcare careers. Nursing, medicine. Students have gone on to do a variety of things
and have been very successful.

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