McDonald's Serves Heart Disease – Caldwell Esselstyn MD

dr. Robert Vogel who is chairman of cardiology at University of Maryland did a very fascinating study when he took a number of healthy young subjects to a certain fast-food restaurant which is characterized by arches which are golden and half of them got the cornflakes and they did the brachial artery tourniquet test and that is what we use in research you take the ultrasound probe place it over the brachial artery and there on the screen is the diameter of the brachial artery then for five minutes to encircle the upper arm blow it up above systolic blood pressure and then for five minutes you have zero blood flow flow to your forearm and hand now I've had that done and it's not exactly habit-forming but then you release the blood pressure cuff immediately re-examine the new diameter of the artery and the normal individual it'll be 30% greater so when he took those subjects mr. MacDonald's half of them who had cornflakes brachial artery tourniquet test normal the other half who had the hash browns and sausage within 120 minutes couldn't dilate the artery that single meal of hashbrowns and sausage had so trashed so injured so compromised the capacity of their endothelial cells to make nitric oxide they couldn't dilate the artery but being young is the follow them into the late afternoon early evening they began to kind of recover but you and I know the next morning for breakfast right scrambled eggs and bacon lunchtime cold cuts white bread and mayonnaise supper we'll have a baked potato with sour cream lamb chop vegetables those soaked and butter ranch dressing on a salad and ice cream for dessert here in the good old USA we just take those wonderful endothelial cells from the age of five six seven and on and we beat on them injure them and pound them and so we all end up graduating from high school with coronary disease


  1. Did the researcher control for sugar? All I hear is fat fat fat. But, nothing regarding sugar. I have eaten a LOT of saturated fat during my life, but little sugar and vegetable oils. I've had blood tests, a stress echo-cardiograph test, etc., and all turned out excellent. People one ate a lot of saturated fats and heart disease was low. Now it's very high and people seem to be eating less saturated fats according to some research I performed a year ago give or take.

    I am not saying anyone here is wrong. But, I am asking if sugar and vegetable oils could be causing many of the diseases we witness while we blame them on animal products and saturated fat.

  2. Now he looks like a doctor that knows what he is talking about when it comes to eating healthy.  Very rare thing to see.

  3. It amazes me how so many people can be shown videos like this and STILL decide to put their risk at health.  The food addiction struggle is real.  Thanks to Dr. Esselstyn for being a pioneer in the heart health movement.  Thanks for the upload!

  4. McDonalds sells "fantastic plastic", yum.
    I eat that crap about twice a year when forced to by my kids.

  5. Thanks so much all of you un-obnoxious online vegans who convinced me in early 2009 to GROW UP AND GO VEGAN, finally, at my advancing age. Best health and moral decision I ever made. And I love whole grain cereal 🙂

  6. this ones going to go down a treat with the meat eaters and paleo trolls, wait for it…. wait for it… and GO!

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