McMaster Medicine Admissions Video 2018

[Laughter] but this day been running through these practice questions will it go okay this feels like a dream but that email made it so true now I know what I have to do calm down be cool lose me last night I spent threw on my shirt Spanish this whole state couple spies under Reagan day filled up with talking above me Bob I'm an interview breathe thank you and what they do I'm waiting for the bells are tapping called these palpitations hoping this goes well moving witching stations hope I don't fall through the floor they say you gotta want it more one two big crew I think it's important not to isolate yourself I think the best moments of medical school for me had been connecting to other people hanging out with them and actually reaching out to other people means a lot of means going for runs on the beautiful trails in around campus also going hiking and seeing all the great waterfalls in nature that Hamilton almost secretly has to offer I actually get trivia with my tutorial group every single Tuesday the amazing research opportunities we get a student I do my Master's immunology here at Mack and I was able to continue that research as the med student because it's in the same building as our hospital I like that we have enough free time to explore our own interests and take initiative about what we want to learn so if the other week I did a horizontal where I saw a c-section turn into an emergency hysterectomy means a lot of means take a deep breath you were awesome today I know a lot of us are maybe even all of us probably thought that some of the stations and I'm really really but try not to think about it I think a lot of people feel that way so go treat yourself trust the process means a lot of means be proud of your accomplishments up until now it's taken a lot of hard work and no matter what the outcome just know that everyone has their own unique path and journey to getting getting into Medical School [Applause] [Applause] ever I just don't get any sleep on high off of caffeine I cannot find your spleen there it is oh this just your feet I don't like the morning time Rob white this is a crime got smarter I got hotter in the nick of time honey I rose up to the task I do it all the time I got a list of jokes from prednisone ooh PPI purchased every parent one day you trust me I'll be a doctor starting after you three artists everybody 20 you'll trust me of the adopter Canada's gave you to peek at just everybody one day you'll trust me it's nice to meet you I'm sorry come to the phone right now I'm just kidding I'm not surprised this year's gone so fast I've had so much fun with my friends I've stopped keeping track sometimes we stay in sometimes we go out we finish our work then we stop – one down it feels like yesterday we started first-year healing with lots of hopes but also some fears because there are so many possibilities just know someday that it'll all turn out see you work so hard you work to work it out and I promise you that it's worth so much more rocking bed you just haven't joined us yet you know that you'll be so amazing like this fall is gonna be life-changing and now you have so many possibility someday I know it'll all turn out and you were to work it out promise you can it's worth more rocking bed I can then I can bet I can oh you know now you work so hard you work to work it out how then I promise you that it's worth so much more writing then you just have enjoined us yet just no I promise you can you get so much smoke you just haven't joined us yet

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