MCPHS Lab Report: Physician Assistant

Description: Music Description: Students train to become physician assistants in an MCPHS lab. Narrator: The physician assistant or PA lab at MCPHS is designed to provide the most comprehensive, hands-on learning
experience available. The recently expanded lab is an optimal environment
for future medical professionals as they master diagnostic skills, treatment
skills, and all aspects of quality patient care needed to be successful in
this challenging and exciting discipline. Description: Students continue to train in the MCPHS lab environment. Students engage in hands-on procedures
on real people in a high-tech professional environment overseen by
experienced expert instructors. The lab features medical bays outfitted with state-of-the-art integrated systems, equipment, and technology identical to
that found in medical settings like doctor’s offices, clinics, and hospitals, so
the PA students are totally prepared to take on whatever awaits them in the
professional world.

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