MCPHS Student Profile: Pharmaceutical Sciences

Description: Jessica, Pharmaceutical Sciences Program, Boston
Description: Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Jessica: I’m Jessica, and I’m in the
Pharmaceutical Sciences program here at MCPHS. I chose MCPHS because I liked a
small school. Description: List of what can be done in Boston. MBTA logo, museums, great food, sports, historic, colleges and universities, research, diversity, everything is nearby Jessica: I also liked the fact that it was in Boston. I really thought that Boston was a place to place to come because there are so many family
hospitals around and so many Description: Boston Children’s Hospital
Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Longwood Medical and Academic Area Jessica: opportunities and because MCPHS is in
the middle of all of that. You just really get a chance to be immersed, and
everything. It provides such a good learning experience, just being around
all of this stuff. You see doctors and nurses and dental hygienists and healthcare
professionals walking around, and it just I feel inspired because I see what I can
do after school. Description: MCPHS
Description: Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

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