Med Students Celebrate Match Day – University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix

29,671 Training positions were offered this
year thru the crazy process called the Match, where medical students apply and interview
with various programs and various medical specialties across the country. At the end of that process, those students
and program directors submit their respective list were the students want to go and the
results set will be released today. We make you wait until 10 am because all medical
schools across the country are supposed to release the results at the exact same time. And from the inner most part of my heart I
want to thank all of our graduates for being just phenomenal students phenomenal role models,
and just the best we could ask for as this medical school spreads its wings and starts
to fly. So thank you. You will pull on the tool which is hanging
down please pull on both, and stand back and the idea as that you all pull at the same
time. (Music)

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