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I'm dr. Freddy Gomez and this is med talk health talk having a newborn is exciting and heartwarming but it can also be the most demanding role for a mother well it teaches you new things in life it's also important not to neglect yourself in the process pregnancy triggers numerous physical changes in a woman's body including weight gain according to a study about 20% of women are more than 5 kilos heavier 6 to 18 months after giving birth and this is due to the lack of physical activities poor nutrition and excessive weight gain during pregnancy can also cause postpartum weight gain so how do we take those baby steps to fitness and be in your most favorable shape once again to talk about this we have in the program miss angel Jones she's a mother model and a fitness influencer welcome to the show angel thank you for having me glad to have you yes now what is the importance or basically the benefits of keeping in shape most especially after pregnancy mothers in general they give so much they give so much and they feel like that's the excuse for them to let themselves go ok and it's so important to put ourselves first not just physically but mentally emotionally spiritually spiritually so for me when I say get back in shape I mean get back in shape physically mentally emotionally and spiritually the more we have for ourselves the more we can give to our children and everyone around us so it's so important right I think it's important point that you said that is that being in shape is not just a physical it's not just me but it but it's the whole package yes exactly and the pressure that society puts on us to get back get hot and get sexy again I don't believe in that I believe we need time to heal but also we have to have that concept of self-love that we need to give our bodies our mind our spirit that loves so that we have that to give back because we're moms we're gonna take care of everyone you know but how am I gonna take care of my kids or anyone if I have nothing for myself I think one important part here is people would see you and they say no I can't get that body that angel has to ooh baby I have all of this but could you share with us a regiment if you had or or something that you did after pregnancy that still kept you in shape yeah you know what I I wasn't always in shape I was skinny fat like at one point I hated Fitness I was not into it whatsoever the thought of sweating made me like oh no but I went through a lot I went through depression anxiety I was in a slump in my life and I didn't want to take medication so I realized I need to fix myself and the first thing I did was get into fitness I had no workout clothes I didn't know what to do III was I was a week I was the worst I would complain but I saw the benefits the endorphins changed not just me physically it changed me mentally I found peace confidence grew in my self-esteem and my body was looking great you know so I made that my priority so I made sure ever since then to commit to that first thing in the morning so I commit to my fitness like it's an appointment you don't miss your appointment you don't miss your meetings so I make sure that my fitness or my me time is my priority do that first and then everything else follows along with it because when when I'm got those endorphins my mind is ready for the rest of the day okay that's good to know because a lot of people might think you know that angel Jones is special the sheep the genes are different from mine but you're just like any other person out there is just regular who who had some struggles in the beginning but but went through it now are their own are there certain routines that you could tell mothers out there or share with the mothers out there yeah but you know are really helpful okay honestly it's a combination of food and moving of activity when in terms of food I think we lack education of what food does to us everyone says oh I can't do a diet it's about diet it's not about diet it's a lifestyle choice if we learn about food and what it does to us and how we can use it as fuel how it's not hard to no right so education first and what people don't know is that it's sugar that makes us fat it's not the meats it's not the oils it's it's sugar and we have an addiction to sugar and society convince us that sugar isn't bad but that's what makes us makes it bad so if again if you educate yourself then you need to add activity I get it we don't have time bla bla bla it's expensive there's free workouts out there there's cheap gyms there's online there's YouTube there's Instagram hey my page I have lots of free workouts there it's possible you can use cans at home you can use your kids you know there's always a way if you want it to happen so I say educate yourself with food move make that sacred make your commitment to self-love and healing yourself a commitment that you will not go against right let's tie this in with for the new moms out yeah how soon can you tell these new moms out there who may come just have a baby house oh yeah they work out how soon can they get back healing for everyone is different and healing could mean while you're with your baby enjoying that moment you know heal mentally heal emotionally talk to people because postpartum depression is real in terms of physical you know when you're ready to go back and your doctor will tell you as well but I never suggest women to just go back at it right away but there's little things you can do walking around you know getting a little active moving around and eating healthy you can always always start by eating healthy but honestly healing is it takes it's different for everyone you have a message for our audience out there angel I want you to know that it's never too late it's never too late to be the best version of you I'm 40 years old I have adult children and to me it's never too late to be sexy to be the best version of you to be fit to be healthy to be gorgeous because being a mother doesn't mean that sexiness dies it means it's just beginning oh and do you have your social media channels yeah yes please follow me at miss angel Jones and there's links there to all my free fitness work and all the other stuff that I'm doing and you'll see all my children there and stuff it's awesome so thank you for sharing your sharing with us your journey and tips on how to be fit and fabulous now wider healthcare services automatic membership and outpatient care these are just some of the features of the universal healthcare law but how much would it cost for every Filipino we'll know the answer when we return keep it here on mental health talk only on CNN Philippines president rodrigo duterte finally approved the universal health care law how will it improve the current fill health and other health services of the government and how it affect members contributions to talk about this very hot topic we have at the program dr. Marwan value he is the director of the Bureau of international health cooperation of the Department of Health welcome to the program dr. Morales elements upon in baton osakan detour oh yeah Sona para my in data topic Niang universal health care law or UHC Act well no but alligators of their own UHC ark or universal health care law in a gallery on the protecta Han and Bharat pilipino Laban's mana problem a – in Salonika Kazakh cattle admin access doctor access hospital or help facility at Bangkok our own nampara nag Agosto seen doing Mac Akasaka Boozer sinabi new mayor poppin yamaganda me to do little para Samanya Filipino ambitous NATO in Iguala under protection and Bharat ISA doing macaca socket para Indira macaron and problem and confidential solahart nilin Filipino Myron and social health insurance or covered nan and Phil hell Cap'n Scylla I monka socket Mohammed Mansilla Omaha kapangan busy lamien brown and fill health automatically Latin and Filipino I'm agin en brown and Phil help Alan and Lana moppet Orionis Eli Filipino para must have been I Kauai covered not until health so conga no no Ibiza be Natori he lives in La Jolla and Cass epic fail he'll kill and maewnam contribution because of this UHC low wanna know salon Callaghan he began automatic membrane abou Scylla automatic November cap Iguala Hong Kong Maha Brahma make a Cayenne mcmyadmin barber in Sevilla El Cap again miss elaina kebaya that man corona vodka socket siempre habrá by blood Armas services basic services napela vanilla pero ha Voland / insulin and pill Health Channel and pandoba had eventually Cocina my katana Hanuman salon mad by Ann Perkins mahira Cotulla namana kapatid not in indigenous people in Malayalam Nehalem and rollin and filial a big La Silla me Seenu good sir Hospital Fela I be big Yemen Karen Pat answer be shown pang medical kite name be pasilla enrolled so Phil help no I know but sitting in your doctor and razón come back at Miami starting my Filipino I'm Hindi regular or Hindi sila automatic and up operating inside dr. Bach marinara random an owner Heba Salim and pop Athenians a doctor I gotta god kappa harem de man casita selena gomez dose so ii tuna is a problem on ER address Nong universal health care law one can matter code nappa Montes a doctor Appa Montes hospital kappa me called my socket casa roja ramani banana mama mama Tina Gina brezin Oh piranha Ellen bond Ione LeMond Potenza dr. pero Sepang carnitine and universal healthcare low cocky but neato and by began an education salmon gotta open my improve Anthony lung health literacy Ocala bang bang Kalugin para in Vienna Salamanca Corona mana egg on a Gant uncle's pan Papa gamut at Sokka malinka a Lamont uncle Suhani Lanka loose organ Pinet low on mana Taha'a a coulombs access service among medical usually Malay OSA help facility Waylon doctor nurses or midwives novella Bulldog Usama dr. Armond pagamo : among health facility kaya dials Ibaka carnitine and universal health care law Matata Ghana not in Yokosuka on and my improved nap in Nong access Allah hot non-facility mo na na na Callaghan man dr. Japan kena Kalinin okay now in dr. Mohammed Atta sandbar manga garlic am fond of parameter u HT low siempre my Perrigo beer no nap on Doheny toggling semana taxes Linden Bahama Mama young Filipino gallons a tequila hot MP language aluminum condom it oh Cara Mia hanbin b.i gallons syntax a Samana taxes Nanako collector dials upon commitment on tobacco at Sokka alcohol marinating pond anima gurglings Philippine charity sweepstakes ATSA Casa parkour at Sokka Sokka – nyan Sabina Matas Assange portion tone and budget Nang do 8i pupunta para superb bibigon and health promotion and improvement of health literacy man manga pilipino so macaca asset i owned a saloon upon ahan masa Merriman upon adding budget par improve and Kalimantan Kalugin and mana filipino nyan nyan dr. manmohan message paracetamol menu not man mamama young Filipino capoeira noggin Pocahontas a health facility – wing may sakit KO ok – Alec I younger are on demands ahead Cassie Napa Hagen Donna mallamma manuka a god and status lon inyoung Kalugin kappahd fully implemented napoletan universal health care law i mikasa Pocoyo nah maybe Big Apple had non basic services Nehalem amino Japan ko I pupunta cirrhotic manga para Mouton supreme available man Oh Satan manga hospital sauna I – Louie – Louie Nieto para Maria is not n and Kalugin and Bawa young Filipino very well said doctor Marwan value and I'd like to thank you for joining us here on the show and sharing your knowledge who are new talaga and universal healthcare law at par no Ito macaca – Lanza mass maraming Filipino thank you again doctor in the last episode we talked about malnutrition in the elderly population now let's see what are some of the best options they have to achieve good nutrition all this and more when map talk hell talkative the mere consumption of food may not be enough to attain a proper and balanced nutrition and this is very important especially to the aging population where chances of health deterioration are high to discuss more about this we have on the program Tokugawa global corporation a patent Philippines the chairman engineer Morgan se and marketing manager mr. Jowell Sonja's welcome to the program once again gentlemen thank you for being here know how important is a balance a nutritional meal among the elderly balanced nutritional meal among the elderly is at most importance because not only do you address their current physiological degradation but you also address the way they treat others because malnutrition causes so many after consequences so not only does it address the nutrition of the senior but also addresses the way they perceive life and they treat others because it addresses a holistic balance in their physiological and biological needs so that's why it's very important that the senior citizens achieve a balanced nutrition okay now what do you think are some of the challenges that the elderly face when trying to attain a balanced and nutritional meal well definitely for one it's about information because most people are even elderly do not know that they're already being malnourished they just believe that it's there you know and everyone believes that they're normal until they actually get a check-up from the doctor so that's the first challenge of course the second challenge is their own desire and their own basically initiative to solve this problem so those are the two main challenges that can be solved over time now we all know that aging is inevitable I know but we can still be fit and healthy even in our elderly years how do you think is it possible to achieve this well of course a healthy lifestyle and taking the right exercise supplements nutrients and being able to have a you know well-rounded community supporting this direction and supporting you as well so that's one of the ways to be able to a healthy lifestyle and still be able to function correctly is to be able to know what are the right supplements the proper exercises because as you age you have to also change the type of exercises you do but there are still other types of exercises that they can still do which are light but they still have to constantly initiate these types of exercises so that their bodies are continuously in motion so motion is the key to your healthy lifestyle as well now I don't put my benefits no man now to have a supplement that is complete that is well-rounded pretty much and that addresses all the nutritional requirements that someone over 60 has a paternal message supplies is formulated with a complete easy to digest balanced nutrition that helps to prevent elderly from malnutrition basically the difference of a patent wellness 60-plus is its formula was built for the cellular level now so this one is a quite a scientific process in which the Castine protein that was infused into the wellness 60-plus was a built for a multiple stage release of energy so that they are able to sustain their daily needs not just in one sip or two sips but as a full nutritional replacement so sometimes some people ask me if I take wellness 60-plus do I still have to take a regular meal well technically you can actually use wellness 60 plus it's a full meal replacement because sometimes seniors have a difficulty eating but when you take wellness 60 plus this milk product was specifically designed for both taste and nutrition and because it's a lick it's in liquid form even if they have difficulty swallowing a normal protein such with with their throat the liquid actually goes straight into the body and nourishes them from the cellular level up now how does this meal replace it or just this what product able to address all the nutritional needs of someone who is over 60 well because the energy complex is comprised of several nutrients which basically death I mean the riboflavin vitamin b6 coq10 and so on and so forth which basically all of the nutrients you can find the food pyramid from the top to the bottom which are specifically also ratioed proportionately to the needs of a senior citizen so that's one of the biggest key breakthroughs in this product that it provides a full replacement in terms of nutrition for someone who is interested with this is it difficult to come by do they need a prescription in order to get this or is this readily available well right now it's all readily available in all leading drug stores and the advantages that we also provide senior citizen discounts for the product so it's currently priced at 1916 and with the senior citizen discount you can get it 1814 and all leading drugstores nationwide okay that's very good to know do you have a message for our viewers out there well to all the viewers out there who are taking care of their parents or if you are the current senior citizen do take into account that it's not just how long you live but also how well you live okay wellness does not refer to age it refers to our state of mind and our enter is to become more healthy and enjoy our life to the fullest with our family okay and without like to thank you mr. a Joe will soon yes and of course engineer Morgan's safer again telling us the importance of having a well balanced easily digestible easily read and readily available meal for those who are 60 and above thank you so much younger and with that I'd like to thank you our viewers for joining us in this episode of mental health talk and please do join us next time as we give you more topics that help take control of your health I'm dr. Freddie Gomes thank you for watching you

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