Medical Administrative Assistant program at the American College of Healthcare

my name is Cindy and I came from America – trait of assistant at american college of health care it's about a seven month program it goes by quick I started in December and I just finished in July and I can't believe where they went out so quick the program teaches you everything you need to learn dealing with insurance and in the form scheduling how to speak to tations human research back-office you're in a little bit of dental system – I started hanging out with three girls when I started coming to school from there we make more friends we end up being a little crew from physical therapy pharmacy aid medical billing coding and medical – trader one of our we'll still keep in touch with everybody American culture healthcare prepared me from being not sure what I wanted to do in my life to feeling happy and accomplished once you in the field it's more real yeah I learned something from the book I read it I understand it but doing it it's just something different you're paranoid of yourself because you actually know what you're doing I met with the admissions with Joanna you tell me how I was able to deal with my personal life regarding my kids because I was a main part having somebody take her my kids where I'm coming to school she taught me there's different hours of classes that was able to manage taking care of my kids and starting it and I should get financially you will never have a great coming to school here I recommend you guys come to American culture health care if you guys have any questions you could cut three to three five eight five nine thousand you could also visit the website at

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