Medical Billing and Coding at American College of Healthcare

hello my name is Karolina I'm studying here at American College of helping my experience here in the classes are really good all the teachers are really nice they're really social every time I needed help or had a question regarding the subject they were always providing the information that I needed the first day I saw the school of ACH was walking by they took me in when they started providing the information all the questions that I had regarding from the building and coding they provided for me I was really happy and unsatisfied with the information that they gave me and I decided to come to school on December 2013 and now I graduated August 2014 the job that I'm currently working out of the Career Services help me find that job I was really happy to get that / to nity I will recommend this school to any of my friends and if any family members or anyone that would like to join the medical field if you have any questions you could call American College of helpers 3 2 3 5 8 5 9000

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