Medical Coding Course Physician-Based for CCS, CCS-P Exam

Alicia: I see something that’s popping up
quite a bit on the Twitter chat. They’re wanting to know if you know, can
they take the PBC course and that’ll help them pass the CCS exam? Laureen: The CSSP or the CCS? Alicia: The CCS is what they’re saying. I don’t think they realize there’s a difference
between the CCS and the CCSP. But maybe you could just let them know real
quick. Laureen: Yeah, the CCS is predominantly the
focus is on diagnostic coding because in the inpatient hospital arena, diagnoses is what
drives the revenue. In the physician side, in outpatient side,
it’s the procedures that drive the revenue. So yes, the course will help you understand
CPT because CCS coders need to know how to code CPT as well. But the… our course is heavy in CPT and
moderate in ICD. But you do get a lot of ICD so I would say
yes but it isn’t… that isn’t the focus of it so that you don’t come away thinking
you know, we misled you. But there are… how many chapters are on
the ICD? There’s like 4 or is it 5, Alicia? Alicia: I think there’s 5. Laureen: Yes, we have 5 chapters on ICD. Alicia: But the other chapters use those after
you know, 16. They’re using the CPT and the ICD you know,
as well. So you really get it throughout the whole
course. Laureen: Right. The difference though is with inpatient coding,
there are difference in ICD coding guidelines, the biggest being inpatient coders can code
rule out situations where the physician says maybe they’re ruling out MS. So an inpatient coder would actually look
up and code the diagnosis for multiple sclerosis whereas a physician-based coder would not. We’re not allowed to code non or unconfirmed
diagnoses but inpatient can. Because if you’re suspecting that’s the
condition, all of the treatment and work up and everything will correspond to that and
the diagnosis is driving the revenue. So that’s why they’re allowed to. So the coding guidelines are a little bit
different. What’s very, very, very important for CCS
coders is knowing what is the principal diagnosis wherein the physician, we normally say, first-listed. So little nuance of difference there. So yeah, I think would help you for the CCS. Now there isn’t a whole lot of CCS courses
out there from my recent research so we’ll probably be bringing that course back. You can email me privately. I have a saved list of CCS study resources
that I use when I took my exam that are kind of hard to find. They’re not really out front and center. So email me… actually, email [email protected]
and Sylvia or Alicia will get you those… that list of resources.


  1. I love your teaching style. I CAN NOT find anyone else that does what you do. I have a CCA, and do listen to some of your webinars. I am very impressed. 🙂

  2. I can barely find any discussion on CCS-P exam coding prospective. Everyone knows CCS-P for outpatient and P stands for physician . This one line is repeated over and over again with various different sentence.

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