Medical Education Video: Nestivity Tweetcast

well hello hello Rob Rogers here from IT GM at the university of maryland in baltimore maryland and what i want to do this time is just go over my nest ivi site now most of you may not be familiar with this site this is a new company that's come out with some pretty interesting ideas about how to use Twitter and social media to put together I guess you would call it a Twitter webinar or a tweet cast is the word and this is just another way of using Twitter and social media to discuss things with people from all over the world now this is minus tivity site i just joined for 30 days for free and we'll see how it goes if i stay with it it'll be about twenty dollars a month so there is some cost to put out there if you like to use it but the really cool thing i like about nesta Vitti this is my site this is what it looks like here on your screen is if you look on the right side of the screen you've got the usual Twitter feeds here so if you you know you have a discussion with someone or you generate a topic you can talk with people and the feed will come up right here on your right now the really cool thing about this is i can create what are called tweet cast so let me just show you one that i have already if you look here where I'm circling right here we're going to have our first tweet cast on January seventh at 11am eastern standard time that's January seventh 11 a.m. eastern standard time and the topic is going to be what's wrong with education and how to fix it if you click on that link and you can go to that by going to e m dash educator nesta vodacom up here in the upper left if you go to the site now what you're going to see is status on standby and that's because the tweet cast the live tweet cast which will have on January 7 2014 is already set up it's ready to go it just hasn't gone live now when this thing does go live you can see here on the right David Marcus EMIM doc it says Twitter handle right here has done some advertising for us and anybody who goes to this website again the website is eme educator Nesta vodacom you can see that up here and just click on the live tweet cast what's wrong with education and how to fix it you can send in comments using this hashtag up here in the upper right fix edu right there so you can just click that put your comments in there and then when you're signed in on Twitter your comments will appear below right here and then they'll just keep being generated in the right hand column so go to the site on that date January seventh 11 a.m. eastern standard time 2014 join the discussion on what's wrong with education and start putting out your Twitter comments here the cool thing about the site and the reason I think it could be useful is you can actually have embedded google hangouts so when you go to this site what you're looking at right now again it's on standby but right now you could be looking at a live Google hangout with me and maybe hey neem a limit or someone else that is involved in the Tweed cast or i could put video links from youtube you can actually watch the youtube video as I'm just as you're putting down your tweets and you can see the feed on the right you can watch presentations I can put an audio so in a sense it's like Twitter and as a webinar combined it's not just Twitter so the cool thing about Twitter obviously is that you can interact with lots of people from all over the world and people can post things and you can click on links but you're kind of sitting there waiting for the next comment to come and then you're sitting there waiting for the next one to come with this as a moderator of the tweet cast myself and hey neem element can actually put in links that things people are talking about we can pre-plan the tweet cast and put in things that we want discussed during that Twitter session and so really it's Twitter combined with the webinar and what they call that on nest if Atia is a tweet cast it's very new we'll have to see how it works it looks very exciting so what I would recommend that you do is on that date all you have to do and it's not going to cost you anything is go tui em educator dot Nativity com you'll be taken to minus tivity site and then you simply click on what's wrong with education I'll go back to what it looks like when you go to the site click on what's wrong with education and how to fix it join the discussion your comments will be posted here on the twitter bar and what we plan to do is put some video some audio perhaps we can put articles pictures links websites youtube videos teaching videos links to different places all within this twitter discussion group so join the discussion i think it's going to be very very cool and a novel idea to develop some collaborative collaborative efforts with certain departments all over the world including the people in Cape Town South Africa I think this would be a great way to get the faculty and residents involved in a Twitter webinar or a tweet cast so again here's the website emd educator Nesta vodacom send me an email if you have any questions Rob Rogers md at gmail com I will see you January seventh 11 a.m. eastern standard time through that 2014 be well and I will talk to you next time on I TGM

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