Medical Evidence for an Employment Services Assessment – For General Practitioners

So your patient has come to you and asked you to fill out a
Verification of Medical Conditions Form. Why do they need it?
And why is it important? A Verification of Medical Conditions
or SU684 form been developed for some patients
who require medical evidence for an Employment Services Assessment. These patients are not applying
for the Disability Support Pension and they don’t need an exemption
from participating in work. You can come in now, John, please. The form is pretty simple,
just two pages, one containing information
and one for you to complete. It’s important
that there’s sufficient detail so the Department of Human Services can
assess the patient’s capacity to work and identify the most suitable
employment assistance. And what about anything else
that’s going on, in terms of treatment? I’m going to counselling as well. – Again, is that going OK?
– Well, I’m turning up! (Chuckles) Thorough medical evidence
minimises the need for assessors to seek further information –
saving you time – and means the right outcome
for your patient, the right income support
and the right services. So do you want to take it with you
or would you like me to fax it to them? Oh, I may as well take it with me.
I’m going to go in anyway. As I mentioned,
this doesn’t apply to your patients who are looking for a temporary
exemption from participating in work. For these patients,
complete Medical Certificate, SU415. This could be something
like a broken leg, where it’s generally
a short-term condition or an exacerbation of a permanent
condition, like a bad back. An Employment Services Assessment
will still be done but the referral
to an employment service may be postponed
until they’ve recovered. Then they’ll be able to participate
in the identified employment service. If you want more information
on the medical forms from the Department of Human Services,
why not check out our video ‘When your patient is claiming
the Disability Support Pension’. It has useful tips on
the Medical Report related to the DSP.

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