Medical Professionals Learn Natural Remedies and Lifestyle Medicine (1 Month Training)

Definitively, you need to come here. It will definitely change the way that I practice medicine. You need to live the experience ! I came to the Wildwood Medical Observer Program really to understand better how lifestyle medicine is practiced
and get a better idea of the use of natural remedies. … the way a lifestyle center is run: the
place, the setting, the rooms, the offices, the number of people involved, the food cafeteria,
the exercise program … Well, I knew that Wildwood was a very experienced
lifestyle center, so I had quite high expectations! The term Lifestyle Medicine is really applied
to utilizing methods that change your lifestyle to improve your health;
to prevent and even reverse diseases. So, that would include things like a whole-food
plant-based diet, exercising, getting sunlight and fresh air… The evidence-based interventions are mainly
about diet and about exercise – probably these are the most strong. You have to do it in a specific way, and you
may see results in a very short time! But, to fully understand how it is done, one
has to be in the lifestyle center. Maybe some things you can learn online, or
in books, maybe. But you need to live the experience, to see
with your own eyes the miracles. One of the most significant thing about this
program, for me, in actually being physically here, was the fellowship with other physicians
that had the same motivation as I did. Lifestyle medicine does not necessarily have
to incorporate the spiritual component, but at Wildwood, it does incorporate the spiritual
component. Here, it is Seventh-Day Adventist. That spiritual component is a vital component. I think that almost everything that I learned
here, I may apply it to my personal life and in my medical practice.I am still being trained
as a physician, I have to do my residency now, and I think that you may include, in
a small or in a larger way, Lifestyle Medicine in almost any disease, specially chronic diseases
and mental diseases. It will shape the way that I look for a residency
in the future, and what I look for in how I am going to practice medicine. That starts now, because during my third year,
soon I will be starting my fourth year and starting to look for residencies. So, it was really a perfect timing for me
to come during my 3rd year. The way I was able to do that was using it
as an elective rotation in my studies and my school approved it so that I could come
to be a part of the program. I know that doctors are busy, and time is
very difficult. It is a difficult commodity to take time
off from work to come here to spend a month, it is difficult. But at the end of this month I would say that
it was worth it, the time and the trouble and the money. I think that, even though there was a cost
for coming to the program, the observer program, that it was eternally worth it; because the
value that I experienced from coming to the program was really life-changing and it is
something that I will take with me for the rest of my life.

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