Medical Services | Village Health Center

I love visiting the
Village Health Center. Sometimes going to a
doctor’s office scares me, but coming here feels safe. Did you know they can do more than just treat cuts and bruises
or diagnose your cough? They can also help you with a vaccination, make sure you’re up to
date on cancer screenings, help you quit smoking, treat
your diabetes, and more. They even have a psychiatrist who’s there to talk when I need them. I just ask one of their friendly team members for the details. They even helped me when I couldn’t find my insurance card. When I came in for my appointment, I started here in the lobby. Check in was easy and I loved being greeted with a smile by the people at the front desk. They gave me some forms to fill out and even helped me when I had questions. I was here for a regular checkup, but I learned they can also
handle urgent issues too. When they called my name, we walked back to a room where they measured my blood
pressure and temperature. Then we went to another room where I met my doctor. They listened to me. I could tell they really cared and were excited about getting me healthy. I thought I’d be nervous the whole time, but they made me feel safe and relaxed. They had a lab right in the Health Center where I could get my bloodwork done right there without having to go anywhere else. It was so convenient. Everyone I met at the
Village Health Center was so friendly and professional. They’re a team of experts and they really care about me. I thought they might get overwhelmed with everything I had going on, but they made sure I
had everything I needed. I know they’ll do the same for you too.

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