Medical Student Scholarship Announcement Highlights | Weill Cornell Medicine

(upbeat string music) – From now on, no more student debt. (cheers and applause) Because of the incredible
generosities of our donors, we will now meet the full financial need through scholarships, instead of requiring
students to take out loans as part of their financial aid packages. – I am feeling very excited today. This means so much to me, the fact that I’m able to go through my
four years of medical school and not have to worry about debt, is a really incredible thing. – I’m very excited today,
the announcement was amazing. I definitely feel like while
Cornell is making huge strides in terms of diversifying
not only the student body, but also the faculty, and this is just another step forward. – Always, in the back
of my mind, I thought, maybe I should go into, maybe
a higher paying specialty to help pay off these loans. But now, I’m able to go into the career that I want to do, and
without having to worry about the loans, I
think it’s a huge burden that’s off my shoulders. – It will allow students
who may not have been able to come here before, but who
are very qualified candidates, to actually have an
opportunity to study here. – You will be able to think
and do what you want to do, and not have to worry
about doing something ’cause you gotta spend half of your life paying back the debt. I really believe that this is the best thing we have ever done. – By allowing students
to graduate debt-free, we hope that it will free them up to focus on what matters most. – Find the thing you’re
most passionate about. Go, and explore, and do it. You will be the best doctor you can be, you’ll be the best scientist you can be, and you will be the
happiest and best caregivers that you can be. – This means so much to me, to my family. To all my fellow students,
thank you so much to everyone who made this possible. (upbeat string music) – [Group] Debt free! (laughs) (upbeat string music) (air whooshing)

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