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I think Paul Ryan is a wussy with a capital P I also think that Donald Trump would have taken this and run with it if he could have gotten this thing passed I don't think he really thought that much of it and I think right now they want Paul Ryan to hold the bag I as a conservative as someone who voted for Republicans when they said repeal I thought they meant repeal apparently there was a miscommunication mistake yeah I can't stand Paul Ryan but I can stand Donald Trump for being complicit Paul Ryan for when it's convenient and then it's not convenient so I'm just gonna tell you I'm not on the Trump train among the Paul Ryan train I think that the swamp is get it has a lot of fun to cheese right it's so much I buy the only wasn't have that right on it so we're talking about this and who else to answer on this on cable news but Bernie Sanders who a rare moment of sincerity admitted that Obamacare has been a disaster but his proposal is well take a guess okay of course Obamacare has serious problems deductibles are too high premiums are too high the cost of health care is going up in a much faster rate than it should ideally what where we should be going is to join the rest of the industrialized world and guarantee health care to all people as a right and that's why I'm going to introduce a medicare-for-all single-payer program short term this is what we could do apologies to whoever get more privatized programming no it is amazing to me he says that listen the Affordable Care Act is broken big government has created a problem here and the solution is an entirely broken system for Medicare which we'll get into in a little bit but it's like it is what Bernie Sanders does he talks about how student loans are too high there for there for more free college how did he pick that's like they're going garage here y'all get rattlin hahahaha there wants to promise a medicare-for-all so listen he's right premiums have gone up about twenty percent in one year from 2016 to 2017 well when I first heard that to it I thought it was low twenty two percent over eight states that went up 30 percent but that's one year that's 2016 to 2017 you added up year over year since the Affordable Care Act has been passed you have people paying hundreds of percentage points more yeah than they were before deductibles on average are six thousand per individual right now twelve thousand per family which was completely unheard of so for the ironically named Affordable Care in the solution from Bernie Sanders and I know people like him because I think he's sweet he's genuine versus Hillary Clinton blah blah okay there but his solution is Medicare Medicare for all which is entirely broken system I'll continue to get into that but a liberal think tank estimated that Bernie Sanders proposed plan would add 32 trillion in federal spending over the next next thing this isn't the Heritage Foundation this isn't coming from Fox News it's coming from a leftist think-tank this is the best case scenario Medicare at this point by the way is basically already insolvent if you look at the CBO report they plan for it to be completely insolvent well now and so people are trumpeting you know Obama care saved Medicare's what they say well really this actually is a clever accounting trick because Medicare is still on the the brink of insolvency as seen by in the real world the real world practice of Medicare since the Affordable Care Act is that fewer doctors than ever in the history of the United States are willing take netiquette one in five doctors flat out will refuse any new patients who use Medicare at all and this is this idea of Medicare for all is based on we need to get get get we need to go with your industrialized world with singleplayer hope get right where I come from a single-payer health care system take against why we now I know I get that anecdotal so let's get this to the statistics first off keep in mind that none of these other countries have to fund national defense effectively from the entire industrialized free world that's us and and their tests I hope are the kind of taxes that you would complain about it if you're ready to pay fifty two percent income tax like people have to pay the marginal tax rates in Quebec you have riots in the streets so let's keep that in mind but let's just get some quantifiable statistics wait times what my home province of Quebec if you look at the wait times for people who claim or people who have waited over five hours in emergency room keeps that up there that's thirty five percent of people who go to an emergency room in Quebec that's better than the national average in Canada at nineteen percent now you look at those numbers United States is effectively the best on that list and let me tell you why that's because the United States has a five percent amount of people who've waited for five hours or more now Germany has that as does the UK the Netherlands but if you add up all of the other countries that have five percent of that kind of a wait time cumulatively the average of those countries is one-tenth the population of the United States and the Netherlands by the way a third of their entire citizenry are privately insured anyway geez so we'll keep that in mind it's not even close a little own Canada having a tenth of the population one-tenth the population and they're met basically wait times have been the United States and anywhere else quality of care well listen they use the best technology they have the best technology most medical research is coming out of the United States not only most medical research coming out of the United States but they're the ones who are actually able to use it and actually make it more affordable to the most amount of people in their countries just for an example where I come from in Canada the United States we have nine times per capita nine times I remember being absent I'm RI machines cry nine times the MRI machines per person of Canada your rate of dying from breast cancer prostate cancer picture cancer can be up to two times the amount in New Zealand or the UK Germany depending on which kind of a cancer it is it basically your best chance of surviving a terminal illness is being in the United States and that's across the board that's across the entire economic spectrum and Bernie Sanders likes to act as though there's there's classism here the United States and there's equality there's equality amongst the crappy care in these other countries right first off you're taking or weed in countries are taking countries attend to the population entirely homogeneous population and the care sucks but the argument is at least everyone gets sucky care but that's not even the case as you see with Canada's they start to open it to privatize system what ends up happening when you have privatized health care along with a social socialized health care only the super wealthy get to go to in Canada what they now call super hospitals or as we know them in United States hospitals where they can get the details here anyone else be get it put in the lines I have a monitor for an MRI so let's go with let's go with that Bernie Sanders it's it's the compassionate thing to do in like this video subscribe by clicking the subscribe button it's Atkinson assist circle now used to be a square which most buttons aren't squares what sits on a phone they're square buttons on phones with most buttons are circles you understand what I'm talking about or what's the recommended video which is popping up in a box or subscribe at lateral flashmob join the mud clip so you can get the daily show and that means that you are not beholden to the YouTube censoring overlords so let's be honest you like being there where you are under their thumb power bottom you


  1. The NHS in the UK isn't perfect but I'd take my universal 'socialised' free at the point of need healthcare over the US system any day of the week. I've lived in Wales, England and Scotland so I've experienced all aspects of the UK health system and I've no complaints. I've had a few operations over the years and lots of interaction with various services and I've always received the best care I have no complaints. It seems a lot of US folks seem to be brainwashed into thinking that universal healthcare is bad, it's sad really. The only people who win are the rich, the corporations and the government when it comes to private healthcare.

  2. Liberals: Social Security and Medicare have been mismanaged by the US Government and eventually both will be insolvent. Stop mismanaging these funds!

    Also Liberals: make the Government manage all healthcare for all US citizens. The government will run it better than private insurance and is the most efficient way and will save money.


  3. I actually go to Russia for health care. 1/10 the cost and all well trained. Maybe not so many deck toys?

  4. 32 trillion for Medicare ? Son.. we can’t even pay off our national debt, stop adding on to what you can’t subtract on.

  5. We have a lot of Canadians coming to Florida to see a doctor because the waiting time in Canada is so long … some pay under the table in Canada to see a doctor …. that does make the people waiting wait longer

  6. we have health care for all … If you are poor, homeless or here illegal you can go to a clinic or hospital and you will be covered by medicaid…

  7. This show would be better if it didn’t have those lemmings pretending to laugh at Crowder’s jokes to make him seem funnier than he really is.

  8. Hello, I'm from the Netherlands and I would like to clarify that there is no such thing as private healthcare in the Netherlands. Everyone over 18 is required, by law, to pay a certain amount each month to a healthcare pot. From that pot the population's healthcare needs are payed for. For example: while the age group from 18-25 years old might only need 1% of the healthcare pot, people who are 70-85 years old need a significantly larger percentage of that healthcare pot.

  9. Health in a free enterprise society is an inelastic good. Translation: you need it so it doesn't matter how much you have to pay, you'll pay that fee. That's why I prefer socialized healthcare: nobody can jack up the price to get a bandaid to infinity. I don't give a crap about the wait time, when an epipen costs 2000$ there's a problem there. Thats a product that makes the difference between life and death: you have to have it so the manufacturers can abuse your wallet. Nothing you can do.

  10. There are instances where here in America, people wait hours to get medical help including emergencies. I think we should make healthcare more of a public good(if citizens are willing to pay more taxes) and less of a business. Btw, I thought he was Pro-life, isn't there a correlation between health and life/death? Btw I'm not a lefty or a liberal or a socialist this is just my perspective on this specific topic. I could be wrong on this. I'll like any info from someone who disagrees with me. I'm not stubborn, I wanna learn.

  11. Government can not give you anything it didn’t first take from someone else… the working man … I barely get by I can’t afford my shit plus your shit too ..

  12. im in quebec; can confirm medicare is not as good as it seems….It works if zour kid is sick; not when you need an MRI

  13. Never mind the fact that the individual mandate was a republican solution to privatized Healthcare.

  14. Today I sat in the waiting room of a Japanese doctor for 3 HOURS. Don’t tell me gov’t subsidized medical care is better than free market US system. Doctor saw me for 3 minutes, like a robot. ITS NOT BETTER!!! PS now waiting to pay the bill – it’ll be another hour at least.

  15. Australia has a Medicare Safety Net, but more than half of income tax paying adults have private cover to some extent. Those who have it don't pay a tax surcharge so it discourages those who don't earn quite enough from taking-up private cover.

    Our system works okay, however, because it's privatised, not in-spite of it being privatised.

    I'm not privately insured because my family don't earn enough (collectively) to make the deductibility of the premiums worthwhile, but for every year I'm not paying for it, it becomes more expensive to join in the private coverage, called the lifetime health cover loading so we will join, but we just have to get our affairs in order first, and as we live rurally, we get to choose our local doctors, and have comparatively exceptional care compared to our public city counterparts.

    We get rebates for the billed cost of doctor's visits, which is stupid, as with government involvement, it's made it overall more expensive, without improving outcomes, but that's just what governments do…

  16. Instead of spending billions on a wall. We could use that to help free health insurance. Also the reason health insurance is so expensive is because companies, put crazy high prices on them why because they can.

  17. Lets see hmmm. Pay ONLY taxes and have free and unrestricted health cares. OR pay taxes AND an insurance PREMIUM monthly, + deductibles when used. Idk why people r stupid to believe that Americans PAYING out of pocket for health insurance is better than having free healthcare with ZERO premiums? No matter what taxes r way way waycheaper than paying insurance premiums. Do the math you morons. Math dont lie

  18. Fuck single payer systems I swear we get a one payer system and straight white males will die off from government refusal of service (same people who want 1 payer subscribe to the toxic masculinity patriarchy bullshit) think about it

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