Medication and Borderline Personality Disorder

hi everybody this is Lilly facades of course today I'm gonna talk to you up to you about medications in borderline personality disorder if you haven't watched my last video it's about like Oh POSCO Peru so just go watch it it's really interesting and this one is going to be about medication this is a video that I've been trying to record for a long time like I try so hard but every time I recorded my phone or I mean it will erase it so yeah it would have been like super hard to actually record this amazing subject the first thing I'm gonna say real quick I'm nowhere like no psychiatrists I'm no doctor I'm not certified to tell you what you will get if you will get any medication and of course so disclaimer extra disclaimer borderline doesn't have an actual medication okay borderline is a combination of different things that goes on and like depression anxiety bench eating there's a bunch of other things emotional swings so pretty much it's not a specific medication for that so you will get different medication for example my first one if you if you do like because the only actual recommended treatment for borderline personality disorder is actually dialectical behavioral therapy okay so that is going to the psychology and working with your psychologist and trying to figure out ways to actually be productive in relationship and friendship and work in your daily life so that definitely will help you like some set of skills to be like a better functional person in society pretty much so then the first video kitchen that I was actually prescribed which is not going to be the same you guys are gonna get prescribed okay so you if you have borderline or you have any type of other mental illness it's not gonna be the first one or the last warrant or probably it's not gonna even be mention on it it's only based on what what you really like and eat most so the first one they prescribed me it was fluoxetine so flock is I think pretty much I took it for a few weeks I didn't felt any different at all I didn't feel better I didn't feel worse I pretty much fell the same and I was like this is not working so I went to my psychiatrist and pretty much is prescribed me a different medication the medication was a lot the lobsters you know forgive me on the part but I will tell you the actual like commercial brownies ethics or XR so a sixth and that really is pill and pretty much that one gave me a really really bad side effect honestly I would never be able to survive with that because I I cannot be functional with a side effects so big as that honestly and then I just went back and decided like hey this is not working for me this is the side effect I'm getting plus the first day I took it I was like actually four days after I took it like actually having a hard time at work like to the point that I was like almost touching the floor like I was seriously walking and just you know kind of feeling like I was gonna pass out I felt really sleepy really liked to relax and I was like this is not gonna work for me so the next thing actually I went back to my psychiatrist and I was like I need to change my medication okay this is not working so then the other medication that was prescribed to me was actually wellbutrin opiate ring gave me another side fact pretty much was a lot of migraine I'm not a migrant person I barely get any had I get all like once a year once every six months you know it has to be something like stress or I don't know lack of like lack of eating or like lack of sleep you know it's something that it doesn't happen to me so I was just really struggling with the medication so I did took it but I was like oh no I cannot honestly know there's no way and then I went back to the doctor and I was like okay already we already went to a like a bunch of medications and none of them were working so what is next seriously I I felt at some point that I was like oh my god is there anything that will help me make make me feel better like at least silence some of the things like depression anxiety and I felt like Weis is not working you know what what is going on so then the next medication I was prescribed its lexapro this is the last medication I'm on actually have no side effect at least I haven't experienced anything at all which is really cool and so far so good so I have my next appointment next week I'm still struggling with anxiety a lot in I just struggled binge eating lexapro actually caught a little of the beach eat so I don't feel like I want to crave or eat or overeat something so it's really good for that it it doesn't mean it's gonna work like that for you like every person is their friend this is a trial and error thing so if you guys are like struggling so bad and it's like oh my god this is again and again again will I ever get better and you get frustrated cuz I mean I I went through all that and don't get discouraged like I said this is a trial and error you will go through a bunch of medication until you are defying the correct one because I mean you are the person you are the patient you are the person that experiencing whatever you're going through and you are the one to say hey this is working for me this is really like you know the perfect medication for my special case you know for me so yeah pretty much like I said don't get discouraged I think that's about it about medication I have my appointment like I said next week probably will tell you guys what's going on what's next if he will prescribe me something else or he will like amped up my dose so we'll see if you guys have any question just live it in the comment below please subscribe you like this type of videos if you want me to do more like in-depth videos tours borderline personality disorder I will with with laughing care I will definitely do another video and I have another upcoming video regarding new good things coming to my life a lot of updates which that is the reason I haven't been able to update it in like two months or like upload a video and it's gonna be really fun there's a bunch of actors coming out a lot of water parts a lot of trouble and I'm so looking forward to that and sharing it with you guys and of course please click on the bell like I said subscribe click on the bells so you guys can receive this no tipping no notification sorry and what else just have a great day and thanks for watching so much see you in the next video bye bye

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