Medication and FASTING!

hey guys Lauren Hellman here and today I wanted to talk about medications and fasting so first off let's get the disclaimer done I am a nurse practitioner but I'm not operating in that capacity during my water fasting journey so thank you for following me but do not take anything I say is advice this is just my journey and my explanation of it and things that I've done and do and whatever so before you start doing your exercise diet or fasting routine you need to consult with your own doctor so now that that's out of the way what I want to talk about today is taking medications and fasting and if you're looking into doing a fasting journey you've probably seen I don't know I'm in a couple Facebook groups and I've seen various opinions on various medications so the snake diet dude Cole Robinson he's like hardcore and thinks you don't need any medication for anything and will tell you to straight get off of them and stop being a pansy and just start fasting and you'll heal yourself from within and you won't need any of that stuff and then it's just society and Big Pharma pushing all these metalness that we don't need I don't truly prescribe to that for several reasons but and then there's some other websites that are definitely more conservative than that because you're gonna stop any medication you need to ask your doctor first because some can have horrible side effects and some you truly need and nothing is going to heal you from whatever you're taking it for for instance I take thyroid hormone medication because I don't have a thyroid so no way am I going to walk around without thyroid medication I won't be doing very well I also have to take a calcium supplement because during my thyroid removal surgery my thyroidectomy one of my parathyroids was damaged and parathyroids are in charge of calcium regulation so I always run a little bit on calcium so I have to supplement my body supplement myself with that as well and they also take an antidepressant so a little side story the past couple weeks have been like really difficult for me as far as anxiety goes and I wasn't sure why and I was like just having a really hard go of it and know like a week ago I talked to you guys about just the emotional baggage that you'll have to deal with once you start fasting and you fix the fatness on yourself then other things start popping up because you were so focused on being fat and unhealthy that the other things in your life that pop up we're kind of just below the surface and you were just pushing them back under and then you have to deal with them well so the last couple weeks I've just been really easy to trigger really easy to anger really easy to annoy just not very patient and that goes for like all around with everyone and so I got in the bathtub one night just so can like decompress and I talked to God for a little bit and I was like God you got to help me what is the problem here like is it the fasting is it what is it what's going on with me where I'm so angry all the time and the next morning why was I easily triggered by one of my kids or my husband I don't remember but I was remember standing in the shower and I was like yeah thanks a lot thanks for all that help God but anyway so then I get to work and I always take my pills in the morning and I take them at work because it's an easier time for me to remember I grab them out of my bag when I'm sitting down I'm on the desk and I take them and out fell my antidepressant pill and I was like oh maybe he is looking out for me because it it hit me that I hadn't been taking it in a while like maybe two weeks maybe three weeks maybe a month I don't remember but at some point I decided I didn't need them anymore and I stopped taking them and I've been on them for like years and years like ever since I was like maybe 18 and 19 I've been on some form of antidepressant whether it was working well or not you know it's been tweaked out over the years but every once in a while I'll think I'm badass and think I don't need it and then but for some reason this time my best friend I talked to her about it the other day and she said yeah you come off your antidepressants a year and the big thing that the antidepressant does for me as it controls my anxiety so a lot of the antidepressants work well for anxiety as well and I do suffer from some depression but mostly I have anxiety so but for whatever reason I'd forgotten that I wasn't taking them and I was just setting them aside like in my little pill counter every day I would just set them aside and throw them back in one of the empty containers and it just hadn't been taking it for a while so hello I can't believe I didn't realize this with my with the way I was feeling on the inside with how I was behaving that maybe that was the issue maybe that was why I was being triggered so easily to anger and frustration and not having very much tolerance or patience so anyway went right back on them in that same day I swear to you felt so much better so much better and I became more tolerant more patient more able to deal with all the BS that life throws at you and not so quick to anger and yada yada now that being said some people can't even go off their antidepressants without being weaned so I would not recommend doing that without a doctor's supervision I know for myself that nothing bad happens unless you consider my attitude problem but I don't go through like which are all symptoms or anything but some people do and some drugs are it's required that you wean off slowly so that for me I will be back on that and I feel so much better already more like myself and guys I'm gonna keep it real on here so this is just my life and this is what I'm dealing with so it's what we're talking about today you may not find benefit from me talking about my depression and anxiety medication but you may so I definitely would not go off any medications without just be very judicious about it and then there are some medications you absolutely cannot stop taking and then there are some medications you have to give a lot of you have to have a lot of supervision if you're going too fast and use your medication so if you have blood pressure issues or you have diabetes or prediabetes and you start fasting it could really mess yourself up if you're still taking your same dose of blood pressure medication because fasting naturally lowers your blood pressure so then if you go and take a pill it'll lower even more you could put yourself on the ground and you could be like in some serious world of her so people want blood pressure medications people on cholesterol meds keeps on insulin or diabetic medications definitely need to check with their providers and then be monitored frequently because your blood Sugar's gonna drop – you're not gonna need as much insulin if you're not eating you're definitely not going to need to cover for what you ate with your food and if you're taking long-acting insulin in the morning and like at night or whatever you're doing you're not gonna need as much and you're gonna go hypoglycemic if you're diabetic and you're using too much insulin and you're not putting enough carbs sugars in your body to actually warrant needing that insulin or that diabetic medication whatever it might be oral or injectable or insulin so I don't prescribe to not taking medication that you've been prescribed at all and I every once in a while think I'm like really just doing well in life and don't need my antidepressant and guess what I need it I've always needed it and when I come off of it for more than a couple days there's there's a big change in and my ability to function in life in a nice manner and be patient and all that fun stuff so I would definitely recommend talking to your provider before you stop any medication if it's not a necessary medication I mean you could go without your allergy pills for a few days that's cool with me and see if you need them or not because you will clear out your mucus and have less issues and less inflammation when you're fasting so you may not need stuff like that but that's all going to be up to individual person and his or her doctor but I don't recommend just coming off all your meds so that's one of the differences between me and the snake diet guy Cole Robinson is that maybe I'm just not as hardcore but I'm also a very big personal mental health so I think get your mental health right first and then worry about your weight and your your body health because you can't have one without the other and you don't want to suffer on one front to get ahead and the other front if that makes any sense so I definitely recommend if you need something for your mental health you should take it there's still a lot of stigma out there as it relates to anxiety and depression not for me I see it every day in my line of work and I experienced it myself and I think that we should really be talking about it more instead of less and you shouldn't be embarrassed because you deal with anxiety or depression and it doesn't mean your life is bad it just means the brain doesn't work correctly all the time and it functions better on medication so better living through chemistry in some instances and here I was thinking that I could come off with it and be okay I was wrong and God did show me a sign and made me realize that I was not taking that because I already kind of forgotten and just swept it under the table and was just wasn't doing it and so I don't talk about God a lot I won't do that a lot but I do talk to God and ask for his help and I talk to him about my situations and such so but we won't make the videos about that but I do believe in God and that's that's all fine and dandy so everybody has their right to believe whatever I guess so that's pretty much it for me I did forget to discuss what I'm up to today today is Friday and you know last week I did the big Mother's Day week-long binge it was like four or five days worth of eating some really bad stuff and I got up to 200 pounds down from 185 up to 200 like I said it's just water weight and bloat it will go away so as of today I'm back at 190 so 10 pounds since Monday morning and today is Friday so not bad at all and I'm still fasting I'm still a little bit sick I'm still a little under the weather but I've been on antibiotics for like 36 hours and they over strep throat and I'm feeling much better but definitely not a hundred percent but I don't have any desire to eat so I won't like I talked about yesterday like if I huh feeling the desire to eat that I just won't because I still have plenty of fat on my body to compensate for me not eating I've got food stored on my thighs my belly my nightie everywhere my arms I still got enough fat for all that I've still got about thirty pounds to go to get to the desired weight that I want to get to and at that point I will start a maintenance routine to maintain it with fasting and kids and ik dieting type stuff but today's thought really is all about just being careful with your meds because you don't want to put yourself on the floor from low blood pressure or low blood sugar and you also don't want to cause yourself undue distress because you like came off your antidepressant medication like a dummy and thought that you could rule the world without it because you can't and some people can I'm proud of you good job some people can't and I'm in that category so hope everybody has a good day and I'll be back tomorrow with some other nugget or discussion topic always feel free to reach out to me through Facebook at foreign rutledge helman Instagram at Lauren Hammond Lauren Hellman – at you can follow me on Facebook all of my fasting stuff is made public and I'd love to hear from you if you have any topics or if you need help getting started with your fasting journey I'd love to chat with you on one of those forums and that's it I hope everybody has a good day bye guys

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