Medication Checks

okay so mr. Texas having warfarin so we need to look at other documentation rather than just the drug chart right just to make sure that we're doing the right thing check that the dose the right dose has been ordered and we need to check it against to iron so we go – yeah okay I know it's 2.7 last done okay and she's been ordered to 2 milligrams of warfarin okay so here's the warfarin yeah okay but one milligram tablets okay and it expires okay okay so if she's been ordered two milligrams so then that means that we need – one milligram tablets fabulous okay and that since the drug is not then ceased it's signed by the doctor so it's June now yep June oh yeah um she's to take it orally and we're gonna share the side mrs. Hicks room right now that's great so we got we got all of the W so we have a correct order yeah I think so yeah great okay but there is one more thing I need to check what does it say on the front of her drug chart about medications well it says she has no known allergies yep that's right it's just something else that we need to just have a look oh it says she needs to be given one interpreter time with a mouthful of water after each tablet yeah brilliant okay so now we know all that we can take medications yeah we give you medication lovely yep thank you very much every charity if you want to just take you will see a bit later okay so you just need to put your initial in the box you know a time yeah yep you tan great and then I just can't assign that terrific now how do we know that we're going to get a correct response from this communication with the ayat with the warfarin it's the INR so she has regular iron blood tests yeah and that tells us we learn what the Warford is at the right level something and it's doing the right job but what was an easy part okay well initially I'd be checking to see that the antibiotics haven't given her SNS of an allergic reaction to it silent symptoms yes I'm sorry sorry yeah symptoms such as a rash because I mean yeah that's sign that there was something wrong yeah I'd also be checking her vital signs such as temperature yep any other indications that are in fiction I'm possibly saved it had cultures and send it off as well yeah that's great okay we'll move on to the next patient for their medications great look at it thank you

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