Medication Disposal Program at Walgreens

every year approximately four billion prescriptions outside the hospital setting are dispensed in the US and it's estimated up to 40% of these medications are never taken resulting in hundreds of millions of pounds of pharmaceutical waste leaving prescription drugs as well as over-the-counter medications and cabinets or drawers in the home can also result in an accidental overdose or poisoning if flushed down the sink or toilet our groundwater and eventually our drinking water can become contaminated because pharmaceuticals like antibiotics steroids and others can't currently be removed by most water treatment facilities the sharps compliance safe medication disposal program provides a simple way to dispose of unwanted medications and over-the-counter products we're proud to help our patients safely dispose of unused medications an environmentally friendly way by making a safe medication disposal program available patients can purchase a postage prepaid emblem from us when they pick up their prescriptions it's so easy they just fill the envelope with their unused medications right from home and Mail it through the US Postal Service the safe medication disposal program systems are never opened they are processed at the Sharpe's treatment facility by licensed law enforcement ensuring safety and compliance the sharps compliant safe medication disposal program provides the best way to dispose of unused medications while protecting the environment and keeping our children safe by avoiding accidental usage and keeping our drinking water clean ask your pharmacist physician pharmaceutical manufacturer or health care provider about the sharps safe medication disposal program family of products for more information please call 877 two five six five seven or visit sharp centcom you


  1. I see two problems: People are not going to pay for disposable bags and going through the hassle of mailing it & if they do mail carriers are going to have a new side gig.. Pharmacies should just be drop off locations for unused drugs.

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