Medication Errors – Pat Iyer

medications both save lives and take lives this program we'll explore the frequency of medication errors the most common types and causes and the clues to detecting that an error has occurred this order sheet contains an error for 5fu a potent chemo therapeutic agent the physician ordered the full four days worth of chemotherapy for four days in a row the patient died after two weeks of suffering as her white blood cell count dropped to critical levels after the nurse calculated the correct dose of cisplatin and the physician signed off on the order the transcribed order did not contain the decimal point the pharmacy department is involved in dispensing errors the wrong drug or dose may be supplied or the drug is not sent at the correct time the nurse allowed the methotrexate to infuse over 5.5 hours instead of four when the patient's mother questioned why the Luca voron was not administered according to the pattern of the first eleven treatments her concerns were dismissed by the time the physician came in to see the patient several hours later the damage was done Patricia Iyer is a registered nurse nursing expert witness and president of legal nurse consulting firm in Flemington New Jersey nurse IRA was the editor of nursing home litigation investigation and case preparation published by lawyers and judges publishing company she was also the editor of medical legal aspects of pain and suffering published by the same company in 2003 nurse Iyer is past president of the American Association of legal nurse consultants a 4,000 member organization

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