Medication Hour Ep.0 (A tutorial Series): Dead By Daylight Beginnings

yeah what's up Joe cos today we're doing day by day like I guess gameplay slash Torrio so first of all you know I don't play a lot if you seen my streams it's kind of like when I'm playing this it's kind of how I I bent but I don't play this a lot I'm probably a green ranked killer on average but I know a lot of stuff okay if I played a lot more I'd be ranked 1 maybe I don't know I'm not gonna lie to you know I have a lot of disagreements with this game if follow me on Twitter but you know I play because there's parts of it I like and I like that there are some people I can connect with more than others through this game so it's it's a lot of a lot of good comes with bed okay this video I might try to do a series or for like players are just getting into the game I don't really having a hard time you know like I said I've played this quite a bit I've owned this for maybe a year and a half now two years three years I don't remember how long I had it but I played with a lot of rank one killers a lot of friends of mine you know Prince Arya Quinn and kill me and kill like you know I have a lot of a lot of people mostly them but a lot of people I talked to that have are way more experienced in this game they've taught me a lot so I know a lot more than my ring says I play with a lot of survivors I'm a boy Falcon you know from overseas miss feisty and my boys are Ice Bear and everybody I play with learn stuff from them you know number one in bull rock star I know a lot of people I play this game and I have a lot of insight on both sides so that's another reason why I try my friends play and I know a lot so hopefully I can teach you some stuff to make this game a lot more enjoyable so I'm gonna try to make it as short as possible because my matches usually tend to take a while but let's jumping this as soon as possible first and foremost when you are just starting this game right I want to stress something very important that took me a while to understand if you're playing the killer right there is no there is no win condition like there's nothing in the game that says if you do this you win survivors if they escape they went right it's simple pillars don't really have a goal like that for a lot of reasons you can get four kills like no disconnects no nothing to shape four kills and the entity will be displeased I've seen it happen it happened to me right like you can't go by kills you have to kind of set your own goal of what you want to do in the game you're about to play or overall and go from there because otherwise it's gonna drive you crazy that you're getting four kills and no Jen's are done but the entity is displeased okay there's other games when I've gotten no kills and the entity was pleased I got brutal killer and like well I didn't kill anybody but it's it doesn't matter it's very inconsistent there is no if the killer does this they went there isn't any there's none at all like we pretty much are in the game to give their survivors a challenge that's that's it that's really it if you want to if you're playing for your rank you have there's a certain way you have to play and you have to stick to that and the postgame it tells you you know what rank you got for doing X amount of thing like you'll see the the four marks because I've totally forget what they are I'm plays game you have the four marks you have four rinks it's like bronze silver gold and iridescent they all have their own rules of stuff you have to do in order to rank up essentially yes what else can I think of right now I mean that's but that's pretty much as far as like playing cool it goes like that's what that's all I can tell you about playing cooler in this game if you're trying to do like just get kills all the time and you don't understand how to win like there is no real way to win like there's no win like whatever whatever winning you get come from my like yourself you have to find your own joy there is no winning don't let anybody tell you different you know I have other friends that just started playing this game and you know Haddix and they accidentally how does the killer win like don't like it took me half an hour to come to the conclusion I will the killer's don't win because even when you do win by doing certain things you lose so it's it's not gonna work that's just how it is alright this gameplay I want to do some Myers and I played a little bit at my eyes I got on at 35 because I wanted his play with your food that's beside the point so when you play killer every killer has a certain play style for better or worse I play Legion I hate myself every killer has it has something that they do that they excel in or something that they do that other causes just don't do right so you want to look at your you want to look at who your killer isn't what they do right Michael Myers for those of you that know Michael don't know anything about Michael Myers or Halloween movies he pretty much talks people and then when he's ready to kill let me kill him alright and in the game you have this mechanic called stalking his his every killer has a mouse – or power action this mouse – on PC it has a power action his is called stalk he stands there and he stares a he stares into the distance and if there's a survivor there you pretty much drain evil from them right if they're white if they have a white glow to them a white orbit ISM when you're staring at them you're draining evil from them and as they lose evil they turn red once they're all the way red or while you're stalking them you can't gain anything from them anymore it's it's it's all going and what this does is it levels you up and you get better as a character the more levels that you get and level one you have like almost no Terra radius which means it's hard for the survivors that no one you're around there's certain perks that will allow them to detect you but it's very hard to be detected when you have a little terror radius okay with that those four Myers is I'll let you get close enough to stare at to stalk your prey and fill up your meter even more you are slower and your lunch range is decreased because you have like no terror it is it would be crazy if you could move at regular moving speed and have no terror radios like okay and and level to your tire radius goes up but you get better movement speed and your lunge is better level to makes Michael Myers like your average killer so when you go into a metro Myers it's probably best if you stalk people up at least at least get level two so that you can't keep up with people and level three is when you become a monster you get like your radius is regular now your tire radius is regular so it's like the same size as you know basic every other killer survivors are exposed exposed means that if a survivor Expo is exposed if you hit them one time they go into dying stage so they're laying on the ground once and that's crazy oh my is because you're just walking around just one shot people every time we level three one shot it down right it only lasts for 60 seconds and which pretty much means that you want to try to hit as many people as you can once you have you know your level 3 because it's gonna run out and then you have to build it up again and by the time you go around trying to build it up again you might not have people that are able to be drained anymore so the board you use it unless you're able to use it that's how that balances out all right let's let's see this go here all right so one thing a lot of people have a lot of issues with when you're just playing is actually finding survivors right so I want to use Myers and I'm going to try to come up with a build for this example to do you find people leave it more right Croesus talking to speed increases the lunge increases duration give it within its okay we're gonna go with reflector fragment right even within two reveals Aurora's the survivors who's been stalked for at least one second the aura state is visible for two seconds which may not seem like a lot it's really not but if you're in level two and you stalk somebody now you can see you can get a little bit better read on where they're going to go once you stop once you can't see them right increase evils granted we want to get some more that gives you more vision I have two of those even within one oh there we go so we have two of them let me see if there's a better one not one that I want to use so for these add-ons for these add-ons pretty much gonna let me stalk and even within one and two and I can see the aura of survivors like I see where they're running so I can chase them down better and that'll help me that'll help improve my tracking now offerings they do a lot of they do a lot of things depending on what you want to do in each game like I can go I can pick the map I can use amore and get Auto kills I can boost my blood points I can pick in the dark mist I can add add more hooks I'm gonna add more hooks and over all your add-ons are pretty much going to help you improve whatever your game plan is like you have to have a game plan you come to the screen it can change depending on what you have accessible to you or you know like if I'm playing Meijer and I always want to see people all the time I'm always gonna pick these two add-ons as long as I have them right this is my game plan I'm going to stalk people so that I can see them I'm supplementing add-ons pretty much add onto your power there you go that's the best way actually you have a power plus the add-ons add to your power so you don't want to use things that aren't useful to your actual power or the way you play right all right so let's go down to just go down to your perks perks effects the effect the way you play out the game essentially the best killer perk is barbeque and chili which I do not have on Myers right now so I'm gonna probably talk about that later on I ain't got it so I'm gonna show it to you right that's silly so let's let's see what I do have now sloppy butcher I already have it here but I'm put it over here sloppy butcher is one of the stronger perks in the game so when you hit people with pretty much your with anything if you hit survivors it makes them bleed out more that doesn't or that's not really important that's not what we're looking for when you hit survivors it gives them the mangled status effect mangles makes them move slower so it's easier to chase them obviously most of most killers already have a movement speed advantage over survivors even though it doesn't feel like it sometimes but sloppy which makes them run slower and when they stop to heal it takes them a longer time to heal which is great because the longer they're not doing generators the better it is for you you want to be able to hit them and now they have to go heal but it takes some longer to heal because they have guy have a sloppy butcher let's see what else I got let me see I have a limited sub I don't play it I don't play too much mire so very very limiting myself here so this is gonna be a challenge okay whispers I like whispers whispers is awesome hearing is very important when you're playing killer because you need to be able to your generators need a bit of here survivors cuz when you hit them with sloppy butcher you can hear them healing and crying so I don't suggest everybody has to play with like a headset but if you can it's it's better as long as you can hear what's going on in the game you're good because you may be able to hear this stuff whispers if there is a killer nearby you the whispers get louder it won't tell you exactly where they are but it'll let you know that you're in the area so I like it when I don't have other tracking perks and what else what else am I gonna put on me for this I am going to go with deer stalker deer stalker just shows you in order when a survivor is laying on the ground so you can just like you know your level three BAM now you're down I can go find somebody else and come back to pick you up and I am NOT a fan of hex ruin but I'm going to throw it on for these purposes like this is not something I would normally use but this is just for the you know for the sake of trying to show you what I would do right it's not a typical percolo table but it's gonna work for today so today we're just gonna be talking about tracking and making the most out of fine of what happens after you find somebody essentially because that's that's what we really need you need to understand your character how they your killer how they interact with survivors highly surviving the game I mean if you play fighting games all of this is really like should be second nature you gotta learn your character right add-ons and perks how they work with your character you know things like that okay that was the longest loading screen ever all right so a lot of things I see people have issues with like controls especially if you're on console it might be a little stiff like you really need to get used to looking all around because your first person so you can't see anything so if it helps you just go into a game and just look around till you get really comfortable with moving you know moving and looking how every you know whatever direction you need and also okay so this is this is your regular attack it's really quick regular attack right and lunging happens when you're moving oh I actually can't show you that because my lunge is bad right now let's see if I can let's see if I can find some people to stalk they're over here messing up your generators because so I have to walk all the way up on her she didn't even know I was here and look I was still able to see what you see I can see where she's going because of my add-ons now I'm at level 2 let me see yeah see that was my lunch you go way further than if you do a regular attack what to do in order to a lunch you have to be moving this person is lagging so if you're moving forward or sideways whatever as long as you're moving and you hold down to your attack button you do a lunge and cover a lot more space than you would if you just did a regular attack now if I barbecue in Chile I'd be able to see you the rest of these guys are I don't know why she did that okay what are you doing this is what happens when you try to save people and you don't do it right I was waiting for you to do that thank you Wow they disconnected come on man yeah see my whispers told me that somebody was here and they were right see that was a lunch do I want to see if anybody else is here I still have they disconnected come on bro I got two disconnects so when you play Meyers and you're pretty good people quit can I open this no I can't open that oh there you are yeah the lunch attack right there unless you close the gap now I got to do another one like you know I wanted to have an actual match alright well that person's gonna die look the hatches right here not closing just for shits and giggles no one escapes yeah I got ruthless killer I didn't really I don't really do much mostly from the DC's but okay we're gonna look at this real quick since we're here see this is the the ranks I was talking about so if you want to if your rank is important to you you have to make sure that you are doing back of these gatekeeper is slowing down generated repair for as long as possible the first nine minutes if the first nine minutes of the game you keep some alpha generators for as long as possible the better your score is going to be because you know the ending ending doesn't really matter is the first nine minutes is where you really get the most points of course you get points for incomplete generators at the end but you know I'm just saying if you're in a long game and it's not going well or you're just having some issues just keep some alpha generators for nine minutes like the vow sacrifice and kill you get points for this sacrifices Morrie's reverse any type of pill you get points for that you can bleed out looking all survivors at least once guarantees a minimum quality of bronze for East once for at least once iridescent the max range is nine immoral hooks so the more you hook people the more points you're gonna get for this barbecue and chili goes like hand to hand with this like that's why it's a really good militia supply pressure is hurting interrupting and downing so for every time you hit somebody every time you stop them from doing stuff something every time you down them you get your points you also get points every time their hooks and they're not lost when they get unhooked so there you go chasing is pretty much when you are chasing when you say survivors the shorter the chase the higher the points if you stay close to a hook if you stay close to hook survivors and there's nobody no other survivors near them you get points deducted so you don't want to be around survivors unless there are other survivors trying to unhook them pretty much so you hook somebody just just leave you want to catch them again you have to stop and heels not worth it right and that's pretty I mean that's more or less that's pretty much it I'm gonna – I usually hide my chat because before talks but I'm gonna see if I get into another game and actually give you some full gameplay well I'll save that for next video because this one is a little bit longer than I thought it was gonna be unfortunately we couldn't get an actual game but I'll do another one soon if you have any questions you know just let me know and I'll try to address them and hopefully even though people quit this video be helpful for somebody I hope but until next video I will see y'all tokhes later maybe in the fog

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