Medication Safety & Communication

welcome to st. Joseph's Health Center one of our goals is to keep you safe during your stay with us one way we can do this is by working together to ensure your medications are being administered and taken properly we want you to understand the prescriptions you're taking and why your health should never be confusing or difficult to understand here are four easy things you could do for safe medication practices first bring all your medication vials or a list of your medications to the hospital so that our staff can create a detailed list upon your arrival but remember please don't take your own pills in hospital without asking your health care team second your health should never be confusing our doctors nurses and pharmacists are committed to explaining what medications you're receiving and why and we're happy to answer any questions you may have about them if you notice that you're receiving medications that's different from what you normally take it home please clarify with us third before providing you with any medications or treatment we'll gather two pieces of identifying information from you like your name and birth date double check that all your details are correct and up to date so that we can prevent any mix ups between patients our clinicians will be verifying your identity each time before administering your medication either verbally or simply by checking your patient wristband fourth if you notice any itching or redness on your skin please let us know as this could be a sign of a medication allergy if you're receiving medications through an IV or needle alert us of any swelling redness or leaking that appear at the IV site so be sure to follow these four steps to maintain medication safety one bring a list of your medications or the vials to the hospital to know what your medications are for if you don't know ask three verify that your information in our system is correct four alert us of any reactions to your medications or issues with your IV and remember never hesitate to call we're here to help

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