Medicinal Benefits of Neem Flower

The neem tree blooms in the month of March
and April. The tiny looking neem flower is an excellent
source of antioxidants. Fresh neem flowers can be ground to a fine
thick paste. A small marble sized paste of neem flowers
can be added to milk and given to children for two to three days in the mornings. This is found to expel intestinal worms. Decoction made of fresh neem flowers is found
to help kids with craving for dirt. Steam inhalation with neem flowers relieves
headaches, ear aches etc. The flowers can be collected and cleaned and
dried in shade thoroughly. Dried flowers are soaked in honey. Half a spoonful of this honey soaked neem
flowers can be taken in the mornings regularly. This is found to strengthen the body with
anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals.

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