Medicinal Herb Garden ( clearing a spot for it)(clearing land for garden)(herb garden diy project)

my dad’s coming over today with his
backhoe we’re gonna tear up the yard…again okay so here’s the house and here
is our main walking trail to get to next door to my folks and there’s also a
parking lot out there a guest parking lot this area is the
focus of concern today it’s an array of different things I don’t know what any
of it is it becomes very overpowering if you don’t
stay on top of it so it basically blocks off our area here if we if we if we
don’t keep up on it I had it all trimmed and looking nice
and hedged at one point but I just cannot I just got too much to do I can’t
maintain it this um my wife’s been looking at this area eyeballing it for a
while and she wants this area cleaned up so she can do a medicinal herb garden
type of thing so that’s what we’re gonna do today we’re gonna clean this up so
she’s got a place to tinker okay check it out man
poppy comes over and plays hero once again okay so as if I didn’t already
have enough to do have enough weight on my shoulders for things to get done the
wife wants to get all dr. Quinn Medicine Woman out here on the spot over here so
I don’t know exactly what she’s gonna come up with as far as what she wants to
do but that’s the direction we’re going with it so anyway now that we have a
blank canvas to look at it’s it’s a masterpiece in the making here so I
don’t know exactly what it’s gonna be but you know who’s gonna be doing all
the work on it right we will be coming back to this pretty quick I’m sure


  1. Herb garden sounds Amazing
    πŸ’šπŸ’šYou are truly BlessedπŸ’šπŸ’š

  2. New sub! Love your videos and it was pretty cool with the kids pushing the β€œlawnmower β€œ! Thanks for your sub!! God Bless!

  3. Like near your family and cool on medicinal herb garden… lol at β€œall dr Quinn medicine woman.”

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