Medicinal Honeysuckle Fruit

everyone today I wanted to look at some
honeysuckle foods before that remember to like and subscribe and comment down
below right here we have some ripe honeysuckle fruit it’s ready to harvest
when you see it all bright and red kinda looks like a tomato when it’s this size
but by the size of my fingers you can actually see right now closer see how big this about that big not that
big a half the size of my thumbnail so no no it’s like a small tomato it would
taste like texture is very similar to like tomato but that really strong
sceptic kind of bitter flavor that you get from making the bark as a legatee
not fusion or a geek auction that you could you turn into is that really
strong bitter boy wind your face kind of thing you can try and figure out how to
make games and jellies out of this fruit but I would use it as a medicinal
standpoint of smash them up put it in water and use that as a good way to have
anti-inflammatories like your got some sort of muscles or so a sort of drawing
be good to do that here’s a couple photos a close-up of looks a little bit
better looking at of the un– right through and the right proof makes me do
it okay so that’s honeysuckle and hope you get outside and find something it’s
good so get outside get fresh air and have fun stay nice you

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