Medicinal Japanese Knotweed Root

hi everyone today we’re going to look at
Japanese knotweed and the root right here I have a point of Japanese knotweed
but before that remember to like and subscribe comment down below now here’s
a photo while they were licking it okay so what we want is the root so we’re
going to need a shovel I’ll use this hiking around what we’re
going to do is find where the shoots are and the shoots of the small little red
reddish page is right now but this is an invasive but it is really good for
helping with Lyme disease which was really important where you ate it take
the showing wiggle the shovel don’t pull back with that’s a real hard that’s how
you bring some shovels a lot of shovels are broken that way
okay go down market going around pull it up there’s a small one broke it off
below but then it’ll come back a lot of people don’t like this but yeah a lot of
good help so bring a little closer this is what we’re looking at here’s the
chute right here as of right now in about a couple weeks there are going to
be a lot bigger and we can I’m going to be showing that you can pickle those
read them as is here’s the route the inside the route is yellow here’s the
photo what the route looks like a different route and the inside of it
what it looks like so that’s a sack and best way to get the medicine for helping
Lyme disease or any other diseases is making a tincture or a decoction the
decoction is cooking for about 20 40 minutes or longer in boiling water or a
tincture is using alcohol base liquid or a vinegar-based liquid in the juice
vinegar base they slightly do two different things but very similar of
alcohol and vinegar base pictures so you want to chop the first off clean the
rudolph and then chop it up and then add it to our hollow the vinegar and let it
sit for at least a month or or a little longer and then you’re able to use it by
then don’t use it too much of a huge dose use just a small amount maybe just
a tiny tiny little bit like it’s no more than a teaspoon a day maybe it’s half a
teaspoon of the tincture the best per day during the summer when there’s
very high chance of getting bit by tick with Lyme disease so that’s a Japanese
knotweed root and hope you like this and get
outside get fresh air and have fun see you next time you


  1. tinctures and decoctions are not the best way to use the root.. drying and grinding the root is the very BEST way to use it for medicine.. form in capsules and use a few weeks on and a few weeks off to create a remarkable immune system

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