Medicinal Plants from Kerala using in Ayurveda treatment

Botanical Name;Sida Retusa. Sanskrit Name;Bala Malayalam Name; Kurunthotti Used in Rheumatic Complaints Useful Part is the Root Medicines Prepared are Balarishtam, Balathailam,Ksheerabala etc. Botanical Name; Risinis Communis Sanskrit Name; Ghandharvahastha Malayalam Name; ‘Avanakku’ Useful Parts: Root, Seed and Oil Used in Liver Disorders,Rheumatic Complaints,Jaundice Mild Laxative too. Tender leaf Paste useful in Jaundice case Oil used as the Laxatives effective in Hemorrhoids Available dry land under hot sun can be seen freely in Tamilnadu grows without watering and much care Gandharvahastha Thailam etc. Malayalam Name; Cheroola Sanskrit Name; Bhadrika English Name; Erva Laneta Malayalam Name; Munja Useful Part: Root and Leaves Leaves used to boil the water for Bathing the kids Malayalam Name; Kudangal Sanskrit Name: Mandookaparni Useful Part: Whole plant. Improves memory Malayalam Name; Aryaveppu. Used in Skin Diseases English Name; Moringa Olifera. Malayalam Name; Muringa. Used for Kidney stones and Hypertension cases Useful part is Root and Leaf Tender leaf Juice Reduces Hypertension Malayalam Name; Mukuty. Useful in Bleeding Piles Botanical Name; Byophytum Sensitivum whole plant paste good to heal the Abscess Sanskrit Name; Kantakari Botanical Name; Solanum Xanthocarpum used for Phlegm, Cough, Bronchial Asthma etc Turmeric Plant. Useful part is root tuber. Good for Skin Diseases Sanskrit Name; Haridra Ginger Plant. Malayalam Name; Enji. Sanskrit Name; Ardrakam Useful Part is Root tuber Good for Indigestion,Gas trouble etc. Malayalam Name; Kamuku. English Name; Areca Catechu Useful part; Seeds. Very good germicidal. Used in Stomatitis, Bad breadth etc. Sanskrit Name; Kramuka Malayalam Name; Valli pala. English Name; Ptylophora Indica. Used in Bronchial Asthma Malayalam Name; Dhanthapala. Useful part; Leaves Very good effective in Psoriasis Malayalam Name; Aryaveppu. Sanskrit Name; Nimba. Used in Skin Diseases and Diabetes Malayalam Name; Koduveli. Sanskrit Name; Chithrakam Used in Rheumatic Complaints. Useful part is Root English Name; Piper Longum. Malayalam Name; Thippali. Useful part; fruit. used in Cough and Asthma Sanskrit Name; Jambu. Malayalam Name; Njaval. English Name; Zysigium Jambolanum Useful part is seeds and Bark. Used in Diabetis English Name; Sida Retusa. Used in Rheumatism. Useful part is Root. Sanskrit Name; Bhumyamalaki. Malayalam Name; Keezharnelli. Used in Jaundice. Useful part is whole plant.

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