Medicinal Plants That Help Improve Memory

Medicinal Plants That Help Improve Memory In nature, we can find foods and plants of great help in improving many health problems, among which is the progressive loss of memory, a condition which may come to affect our quality of life in a very complicated way. Medicinal plants used in alternative medicine are a great help in treatments to recover memory loss, but above all, they strengthen the mind and thus improve our ability to remember the experiences and different situations that we must face daily. In this article, we are going to learn about a few medicinal plants that can be used to help the brain recover its capacities and notably improve memory. Medicinal plants that should be used for this kind of treatment should be those rich in certain components that provide the body with the capacity to retain acetylcholine longer, and those high in antioxidants to prevent brain tissue damage from the free radicals; at the same time, look for those plants containing estrogens, which allow for good memory function. Lets look at the best medicinal plants to help improve memory:. Fava Beans. This is a plant that has a large quantity of choline among its components. Choline forms part of acetylcholine, so daily intake of infusions of this plant will notably help in the treatment for strengthening the brain and recuperating memory. Fenugreek. This is another plant that provide an important quantity of choline, which is very commonly known as Aloo Methi. This medicinal plant should be included in the daily diet in the form of tea or an infusion, and it is recommended that two cups be taken per day. Salvia. This plant is rich in antioxidants which are a great help to cells in being able to retain acetylcholine. It may be prepared as an infusion to drink two glasses a day, once or twice a week. Rosemary. Rosemary has many antioxidant properties which are very important in protecting the acetylcholine from damage caused by free radicals. To improve memory, we can use rosemary infusions, which are easily prepared. Boil one cup of water and add a Tablespoon of rosemary flowers, cover, and let rest for ten minutes, then drink a small cup twice a day. Rosemary oil may be used to do massages, especially on the neck and forehead, and may also be used as a mother tincture by adding some drops to the daily bath water. Fennel. We can do massages with fennel oil in the same way that we use rosemary oil to do so. Massages like those with rosemary can also be done on the neck and if possible on the head, and in this way, the person receiving the massage can feel much better and significantly relaxed. Nettle. Consuming nettle every day is very important for the formation of estrogens that can help increase mental output. The frequent consumption of this herb may help to improved syptemse produced by memory loss, and this plan may be eaten every day without any problem, and in this way, you will be safe for a long time without memory loss.

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