Medicinal properties of White clover and food value

hey everyone today we’re going to talk
about white clover also known as Dutch clovers there are primarily three
different types of clovers but there’s like 3000 different subspecies all of
these species are edible and good to you and have different medicinal purposes
for the main three this particular one I’m going to tell you about is white
clover that this is it okay
this has been a food source since time immortal the dried flowers taste like
vanilla it’s very high in protein the flowers and the seeds when they are
dried and crushed up and bound up make a wonderful flower as also used as a spice
to put on your food when it’s young you can eat it just the way it is the leaves
you can at any time that the leaves are tasty when they’re young as it gets
older you want to cook it like spinach this clover is the main source of honey
produced honey in the world other than these made from this if in the lejeune
family like the beans and peas and such the leaves can be used in herbal teas
for fevers colds coughs and leukorrhea flowers in Te the treat gout and
rheumatism has been our herbal remedy for ages
it has estrogen isoflavones genistein for you ladies out there you guys may
not want to drink this stuff because you don’t need any estrogen you don’t want
your boobs growing clover grows worldwide except for some
parts of the Arctic Circle it is considered a survival food and you know
the cows really love it so if the cows love it it’s got to be good so instead
of cutting that yard tell your old lady we’re growing clover
dandelions let’s grow bocce you guys smash that like button down there give
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have a great day


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  5. Wow, learned something new today.
    Probably I can try some before I go to gym on chest day workout.
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  6. Bwahaha Towbar. You don't want man boobs!!! This was very informative and educational as well. I like these videos you are doing. Hope you share more! Tfs. πŸ™‚

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  9. You had me until you said men shouldn't consume it because it'll make their boobs grow, LOL. NOT!! Clover is EXTREMELY NUTRITIONAL and MEDICINAL for men and women alike. Juicing the greens has extreme health benefits and purifies the blood. I JUST NOW found your channel. I'll check your other videos and NOT hold this one against you, LOL Blessings and THANK YOU for getting out there and showing others about wild foods!! Do however, check your information before spreading it, PLEASE. Many MEN could REALLY use this plant. Red or White clover greens are also VERY high in Plant PROTEIN. Much to learn about so many wild plants. Much Love and Gratitude!

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