Medicinal use and food value of Dandelions

okay everybody we’re going to talk about
the into lines now this is a forgotten treasure that our forefathers coveted
and cherish they just love this stuff it was good for so many things now I’m
going to tell you what the American Medical Journal says because you know
science most the time does it know anything in my opinion but they’ve done
a little research on this so they can use dandelions to treat loss of appetite
upset stomach intestinal gal contestant gasps excuse me gall stones joint pain
bruising increase urine production as a laxative a skin toner blood and
digestive just’ve tonic that’s a whole lot of stuff now let me tell you it’s also a great food it also controls
eczema helps control blood sugar and may lower cholesterol and raise the good
cholesterol also used to treat muscle aches now as a food food value it’s full
of vitamin A b1 b2 b6 c EK folic acid calcium iron magnesium manganese
potassium zinc fiber and protein so it’s a perfect food source you can use this
in salads the whole plant is edible the roots goes for is 3 feet down and people
talk about it being a little bitter and it is so you want to eat it in
moderation but you can also cook it like a spinach in grains you know there’s a
lot of different kinds of grains it makes a wonderful tea that tastes great shaking Willy that is not a bad flier
you can eat it all day long the pilgrims brought it here now spread all over the
country everyone stop killing the dandelions in your front yard
plant more never ate even a dog leave him see she loves his stuff you


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  2. Awesome video as always towbar! I love watching your medical/ medicine videos as im changing diet wise and switching to more healthier foods and i love knowing more about these things! So I can't wait for the next video! 😊😁😄❤🙏🏻🙌🙏🏻👍😎

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  5. Very interesting, never knew they were medicine! What do they taste like?
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  9. Great informative video tobar! Thumbs up! I have hit the bell once again. I am sorry but I haven't been notified by you-tube. Wow! I can't believe this change on dandelions. Before they were just considered grass destroying weeds and our landlord forced us to use weed and feed. Thanks for sharing!

  10. They kept telling us those are poisenous, but we kept eating them and nobody got sick. Hance, after this list, we've probably got even better 😀

  11. wow who would have known?? I could throw some on my chefs salad next time. Funny we just frickin mow them down!! Good info never would have guessed. Hope all well was off YT for a bit but crankin it again!!

  12. Nice and interesting video. I love walking in the nature and I neevr thought tha dandelions have some medicinal use!
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  16. Very informative. I had no idea dandelions could be used for so many things. Hope you are doing well and your fur babies are precious!

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