Medicinal Usnea Tinture/Old Mans Beard Fungi

hey before I get onto it I’m gonna like
describe them comment down below today we’re gonna look at some oozing young or
the common name what most people know is old man’s beard now there’s different
varieties of this lichen it’s in the fungi family kingdom and you want to
look at the correct one here’s a few photos of which species branches out but
right now the reason why I’m on this tree recently about two weeks ago
there’s really bad power and this is one of the trees that came down and there is
old man Oliver close-up okay right here is one of the fungi of the ooze Nia so
very simple that pick it off just pluck it right off now right at the base there
is a small attachment point so when you get inside
and you make your medicine you want to take that little part off but while
we’re out here you can just take it off this is also a really good fire starter
but the best part with this is the medicine for helping any
my cold symptoms okay now we’re inside here is a already made
using it tincture now it’s a vinegar-based tincture that I use but it
does the same exact thing as alcohol-based tincture so you want to
let this sit for about two to four weeks before use what this tincture is good
for is use it about one to two times a week if you have any family member or
any friends that you’re around a lot that or sit and you want to just take
this a little bit right before bed and that will prevent you of getting sick
now if you are sick use this just a little bit right before bed for a few
days and you will and I have even myself seen the effects of this actually
working of it boosting your immune system so get outside and find some of
this and remember to get outside get fresh air and have fun see you next time you

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  1. Good video…suggestion…please give us the measurement for "a little bit"….. a drop, 2 drops, 3 drops… 1/2 teaspoon. whole teaspoon, …straight? in water? dose for babies, toddlers, young adults, adults, old folks, what????? …more info necessary

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