Medicinal Wild Lettuce Tincture (Lactuca canadensis)

Yeah right before I get on to it
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today we’re gonna look at some wild lettuce also wanna make a tincture out
of the roots well it’s mid-november so first you’re
gonna need a shovel now these are the roots that I know we’re easy to get to
from the other video so easy so here’s a close-up of how I dig it
okay here’s the photo a little bit better and closer up of what we’re
looking at so here’s the plant of what the photo is right here so you want to
first make your points of bouquet round work gently soil don’t force the shovel
in a nice up there I’m gonna just move it ease up very small you know where’s that
oh I’m gonna go find more and show you a mountain man style and making the
tincture okay now we’re inside well this is some of the leaf matter one the of
wild lettuce this is all the leaves from the plant that I just harvested but the
roots right here you can see the roots are just really small from the plants
that I got these leaves from so well I’m just gonna add the leaves the roots just
all of it even the hair roots to the vinegar and the vinegar based um
tincture another alcohol-based but it does the same thing so and then you let
it sit for about two to four weeks before use and it is great to use just a
little bit early in the morning if you have any leaks or pains or right before
bed and you can have a very nice calm night sleep so remember get outside get
fresh air and have fun next time you

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  1. why did you wait until November I have been pulling up the entire stem with the roots when it begins to set seeds. they pull up easily.

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