Medicine 2064 with Dr. Daniel Kraft

I think in the future in health and medicine there's so many new technologies they're getting faster cheaper more powerful they're converging to a point where we can mash them together in really powerful ways it's a really exciting era there's lots of opportunity for innovation and improvement I'm Daniel craft I'm a physician scientist entrepreneur looking to the future I thought you know what better way to do that then think about the world that my son and my daughter are gonna grow into which is you know changing really really fast you know our traditional model I think our meme for the way we practiced healthcare is actually not healthcare it's been sick care we wait until often we get sick we have the heart attack the stroke the cancer that pops up where things are sort of heading I believe is from waiting for disease to happen to wellness and prevention in 50 years from now we'll have the equivalent of almost an OnStar for the body that's gonna be taking information from our environment from our diet from our social networks from our genomics health will become something that's truly infused and integrated into our life it's not for their doctor to be in charge of their health it's you own your own health information many of the technologies which used to be super expensive are riding sort of Moore's law that the poorest on the planet will have access to low cost tablet technology phone technology that can enable them to be connected with a physician in their local village access the best medical minds the best medical databases using artificial intelligence to understand the whole spectrum of publications and guidelines and omics it's not just about the data that's important it's how it becomes actionable information to help guide you just like a GPS would be proactively what's particularly exciting now and going into the next 50 years is we're trying to unlock and understand the brain the world of telepresence which is just on the cusp of exploding with technologies like oculus rift where you can feel like you're in a virtual environment and not people to tell the difference between that and reality that could be hugely powerful for modulating behavior change for example if you can look in the virtual mirror and see future you if you're not maintaining your exercise and your diet regimen see yourself 50 pounds later or 10 years later if you keep smoking that can change your mind and Sensibility we're seeing now new ways to train the brain to interact with it directly with technology the world a brain-computer interface we're on the cusp now of building optical prosthetics basically a bionic 'hi as the sensors get smaller and better they're gonna reach the point where we have almost normal vision let's take a woman was completely quadriplegic can't move from the neck down from a stroke or a motorcycle accident for example put a chip on their motor cortex which can read their thoughts essentially I want to move my arm to the right or to the left and she can now control a three-dimensional robotic limb to give her her first drink of coffee for example in 16 years we'll have those who have major disabilities connected back to not only prosthetic also may be rewired and connected to their own Alzheimer's today is devastating diagnosis which I think by 2064 will lead to a world where we won't wait for someone to get Alzheimer's we're on the cusp of having imaging modalities that can pick up the plaques in a patient's brain 10 or 20 years before they're showing any clinical signs of Alzheimer's we'll be able to give them interventions whether that's mind games or exercise or other therapeutics that fits under not just personalized medicine but this idea of of precision medicine – participatory medicine it's not just enough to treat a whole set of Alzheimers patients we want to learn from every single one of those and contribute to the whole medical establishment imagine elements like our human genome which cost millions of dollars ten years ago or is down to about a thousand dollar price point and in 50 years maybe the equivalent of five dollars or $1 or almost free and I see the future big one will 3d print a pill with your name on it with your combination of drugs that help prevent the disease's you're at genetic and other risks for 50 years from now I would hope that many cancers are essentially cured because we're gonna find them early we're gonna prevent them from happening in the first place for those who are the predispositions we'll be taking every single tumor we're gonna sequence every tumor we're gonna understand the expression profiles we're gonna be with a model which drugs work for that individual patient in animal models and in simulations that are run in the cloud and when you do need therapy it's not gonna be the one-size-fits-all pill that's off-the-shelf will be personalizing that therapy using other agents that can scan the literature and know what's worked for other patients with similar subtypes and molecular pathways many cancers will become chronic diseases or be cured because we're gonna apply very specific combinations of cocktails that really match that individual's cancer I think the future of health Amedda so will not be just going to the high-tech drugs and interventions and devices but be more tuned to our own rhythms and diets and exercise and behavior elements you can have a truly integrated care that's smart it knows you it knows your physiology it can manage the drugs and interventions in a much more personalized way that we have today much of our partnership between the doctor and the patient the healthcare team and so it's smart and infused in everything that we do the future is coming faster than we think we won't wait for disease to happen we'll start to cure the well before they even get sick Anne Alger we've always believed great things happen when we think further so we're proud to mark our fiftieth anniversary by looking forward to 2064 and presenting conversations with tomorrow a glimpse inside the minds of those who don't wait for the future to happen they make it happen


  1. It would be very interesting to know your thoughts on the development of Redox Signalling molecules, which is one of the fastest growing areas of scientific development, and to understand  their role in influencing the future of medicine which you outline in your video.  

  2. We know a lot about the health benefits of regular exercise by now; what are the most effective/ most promising ways (in addition to physical exercise) to keep our brains healthy?   #brainhealth     #brainfitness  

  3. I hope your vision of the future becomes reality.

    A pessimistic sidenod, maybe planet earth wont easily sustain 10 billion healthy people + what are all those people gonna do… I suppose you believe in the application of ai in other fields than medicine no? And even if this all becomes reality, i find it quite naive to believe that these technologies will become available for everyone… Hope it does do, keep the optimism going 🙂

  4. testing blood chemistry externally of veins will give a chemical profile to change food and medical intake.  Cancerous cells can be killed externally with pin point radiation

  5. Birth + DNA decease prediction = baseline
    Baseline + monitoring = early detection
    Early detection + time = early intervention
    Intervention + therapy = Health
    Health + time = Longevity

    Baseline + early detection + early intervention + health + longevity = bankrupt health care system

    Bankrupt Health care + time = selective health care availability 

    Conclusion ….sudden death, without intervention = lowest health care cost

    Lowest health care cost + time = solvency


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